Our Process

At Pace, our core competency is operating laboratories. This allows us to approach professional scientific staffing services differently and alleviate some of the frustration that can come from typical staffing agencies because we have first-person understanding of what it takes to staff and successfully operate a lab.

This experience led us to develop a different kind of staffing services model. Designed to support your business. We provide a full-service experience to both our clients and our candidates.

Sourcing Scientific Talent

  • Position Assessment
  • Scientific Recruiting
  • Technical Review
  • Qualified Candidates

Providing HR Management

  • On-boarding Compliance
  • Drug and Background Check
  • Employer Benefits
  • Salary Administration

Lab Service Manager Support

  • Personnel Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Professional Development
  • Client Relationship

Effective Program Management

  • Deliverable Performance
  • Metrics/Reporting
  • Staffing Levels
  • Program Leadership