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Semi-Solid Formulation

Advance Your Gel, Cream, or Ointment Formulation

Whether you plan to develop a topical or transdermal dosage form, our team helps you navigate semi-solid dosage formulation with confidence. For new and existing products alike, we utilize a comprehensive approach to drug formulation to achieve the delicate balancing act needed for lasting success. We not only focus on your compound’s formulation development, but we also look ahead to build a strong foundation for effective clinical manufacturing, packaging, and beyond.

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Enhanced Topical & Transdermal Dosage Forms

Topical dosage forms target sites in at least one skin layer, gland, follicle, or underlying tissue, while transdermal dosage forms target systemic circulation and avoid first pass metabolism in the gut wall and liver. With so many components to consider, formulation development for these routes of administration presents challenges unique to the skin or mucosal membranes.

Despite these hurdles, our team has robust first-hand experience developing gel, cream, lotion, and ointment semi-solid formulations. No matter where you are in your drug development process, we’ll be here to advance your preclinical or clinical studies.

Topical Gel Dosage Forms
  • A Semisolid Dispersion of Drug in a Hydrophilic Or Hydrophobic Base.
  • Hydrogels
  • Non-Aqueous Gels
  • Organogels
  • Thermosensitive Gels
  • Ph Sensitive Gels
Topical Cream/lotion Dosage Forms
  • One Or Two Phases, Hydrophilic Drug in An Aqueous System or Hydrophobic Drug In A Lipophilic System
  • Oil In Water
  • Water In Oil
  • Moisturizing
Topical Ointment Dosage Forms
  • Fatty/greasy Semisolid Dosage Forms with Dissolved or Dispersed Drug
  • Hydrocarbon Base
  • Absorption Base
  • Water Removable Base
  • Water Soluble Base

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