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Responsive Laboratory Instrumentation & Equipment Services

Ensure your lab instruments and equipment are working at peak performance with routine services. Our integrated facility services include a range of support options to help consolidate your partnerships and ensure your operations comply with relevant quality standards. By pairing decades of laboratory and CDMO operations experience, we understand the challenges you face firsthand and offer customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

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Supporting Optimal Operations & Compliance

Maintenance & Repair

We operate with efficiency by providing multi-vendor support powered by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) traceable training across various analytical instruments and scientific equipment suppliers.

Calibration & Mapping

We maintain consistent conditions and reproducible performance to ensure your work and results remain precise and in compliance. Our team works both onsite and offsite to calibrate your equipment as well as perform temperature and humidity mapping.

Integrated Laboratory Services  

Maintain compliant, ongoing operations with our array of talented teams. We have the people power to upkeep your facilities and instrumentation, achieve regulatory compliance, staff your projects, and outsource your research and development.