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Pace® Field Services provides comprehensive on-site monitoring and sampling services to a diverse range of clients, including industrial manufacturers, consulting engineering firms, and government agencies. Our team of seasoned experts, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, is committed to ongoing education and cross-training to stay ahead of industry advancements and address the emerging needs of our clients. Our services include Stack Emission Testing, Air Quality Monitoring, Industrial Waste Sampling, Soil/Sediment and Wastewater/Groundwater Monitoring. We take pride in our attention to detail and are committed to exceeding client expectations. Using a collaborative approach, we can help you meet regulatory commitments, optimize processes, and identify areas for improvement.

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Safety Is Our Priority

At Pace®, we take safety seriously. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our staff while keeping our customers safe from any potential risks. That’s why we provide our employees with extensive safety training and equipment for Confined Spaces, Traffic Control, Environmental Hazards, and Personal Protection. Our team is also HAZWHOPER, OSHA-10, and MSHA trained, and we’ve implemented routine drug testing programs.

Our dedication to safety remains steadfast, reflected in our participation in multiple safety management programs such as ISNetworld, BROWZ, PEC Premier, and SMI. You can trust that we are constantly striving to improve our safety standards and provide the highest level of protection for our employees and clients.

Pace® Is Your Field Services Partner

We believe teamwork is the key to a successful environmental monitoring project. Close collaboration with customers and testing experts is essential for reaching project objectives. It is vital to ensure elements such as administration, production, maintenance, and scheduling align smoothly with monitoring tasks. We recognize the importance of using appropriate equipment, conducting regular maintenance, and timely calibrations to uphold data quality and integrity. You can count on us to constantly strive towards excellence in environmental testing through accreditations and continuous improvement programs.

Work with us to create a safe and healthy environment.

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