Working Together to Protect Our Environment and Improve Our Health

Pace® delivers the highest standard of testing and scientific services in the market. We offer the most advanced solutions in the industry, backed by truly transparent data, a highly trained team, and the service and support that comes from four decades of experience.

Committed to Continual Growth & Improvement

We have continuously improved and today we continue to live our vision of delivering science better. We promise to provide the highest quality testing and scientific services in the industry, supported by ethical standards, transparency, and personalized support.

We're made up of

2 Major Divisions

We Employ Over

3,300+ Employees

We have over

500+ Certifications

Leading with Integrity

For over two decades, we’ve taken the time to develop our processes and learn how to serve our customers as they deal with complex and ever-changing regulations. We’re proud to be a leader in an industry that’s making the world safer and healthier.

Achieving our goals means achieving higher levels of performance—every day.

We believe that the quality and accuracy of data is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of our clients, who make some of their most important decisions based upon this data. This belief is at the core of what we do, because knowledge is power. And it’s only through uncovering the truth that we will have the ability to protect our most precious resources.

Protecting the Environment and Improving Our Health

We believe our work is integral to a cleaner, safer planet for all. Pace® was founded to protect our environment and through our journey, our commitment to sustainability and low-impact solutions has not waivered. We not only deliver science better; we deliver science cleaner.

Community Outreach

We believe we have a responsibility to the communities in which we live and work. Our goal is to be good citizens, promote civic engagement, support causes that align with our values and encourage better health and education.

Our Lab Network

Pace® has built a nationwide network of over 50 environmental laboratories, eight life sciences labs, five services for  your lab locations and over 40 service centers. Our size allows our clients to tap into an extensive network of services, facilities and instrumentation while still providing local service, quick response time and first-class customer service.

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