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Stack Emissions Testing

The demand for stack emission testing and ambient air monitoring is driven by an increasing awareness of the impact of airborne contaminants on public health and the environment. Pace® maintains a veteran staff specializing in innovative solutions to environmental challenges and continual improvement to routine methodologies as well as conformance to EPA stack testing guidance. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients to meet regulatory commitments, optimize processes, and identify process improvements.



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What Is Stack Emissions Testing?

Stack emissions testing (source testing) is the process of evaluating the characteristics of waste gas stream emissions from industrial facilities to meet environmental standards. Stack testing measures the amount of specific regulated pollutants or surrogates emitted into the atmosphere. It can also be used to measure the destruction or removal efficiency of a control device used to reduce stack emissions. Stack monitoring is an important tool for assessing a facility’s compliance with regulated emission limits.

Stack Emissions And Industry

Industries, such as non-metallic mineral processors, synthetic organic chemical manufacturers, clean fuel boilers, and hazardous waste incinerators, are experiencing new or revamped environmental regulations. “Criteria pollutants” are no longer the primary environmental concern.

Now, industries are also concerned with hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), maximum achievable control technologies (MACT), Title V, metals, dioxin, speciated organics, and a general public that is much more aware of air quality. As environmental regulations outpace method development and technology, sampling expertise and regulatory knowledge are paramount to a successful testing program.

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We deliver flexible deployments and individualized solutions regardless of a facility's size or complexity.

Your Stack Emissions Partner

Pace® offers a complete range of stack emissions testing services designed to complement and support the efforts of facility environmental and process engineers, consultants, and government regulatory agencies. With decades of experience, Pace® applies innovative solutions to environmental challenges and routine methodologies to cost-effectively serve your emission monitoring needs. Our sampling expertise includes:

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Everything You Need to Know, But Don’t Know to Get Ready for a Stack Test

Stack Test Planning

Stack testing can be a complex undertaking that requires extensive preparation and a competent test team. A successful stack test begins long before the stack testing company arrives at your facility.

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