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Air Quality Testing and Analysis

Air Quality Testing And Analysis

With over three decades of experience, Pace® offers advanced, comprehensive air quality testing, done right and on time. We deliver a level of quality that meets your data objectives, supported by personal service, ethical standards, data transparency, and the highest level of support possible. 

Discover Our Air Quality Testing Capabilities

Air Center Of Excellence

Pace® Air Center of Excellence is the largest air lab testing facility in the country. Through this centralized model, we have the unique ability to bring together professionals with deep air testing and analysis experience, while adding significant capacity to address a variety of needs.

Pace® Air Center of Excellence delivers thought leadership, best practices, research and development, and support focused on our customers’ challenges and air testing needs. By combining the skills of air professionals from a range of disciplines, we are better able to offer broad subject matter expertise that contributes to superior customer outcomes. Added benefits include our ability to optimize resources, increase efficiency, maximize ESG initiatives, and deliver exceptional performance.

For Pace® customers, this translates to:

Air Sampling Media

Pace® maintains one of the largest air sampling media inventories in the United States, including our proprietary ezCANS® and several thousand flow controllers and restrictors to meet your Air Quality Testing needs. Depending on the canister size, a flow controller or restrictor can be integrated to allow a collection time of 5 minutes to 7 days.

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ezCANS® Preassembled Air Canisters

Pace® ezCANS® come preassembled and pretested to take the hassle out of in-field whole air sampling.

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