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Maintain Oversight While Minimizing Inputs

Ensure your laboratory professionals are supported in their scientific work. Our programs are designed to increase your lab’s efficiency through delegation, workload progress management and labor deployment.

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Streamlining Program Management

Our program managers oversee and report on key deliverables to ensure your laboratory’s requirements are met. We measure program performance in three core business areas.

Pace Scientists working in laboratory. Life science staffing agency, lab professionals
Budget Management
  • Chargeability
  • Project Staff Level (FTE/Project)
  • Projects Supported
  • Cost Per Resource
  • Techniques/FTE
Time Management
  • Percent On-Time
  • Average Time to Complete
  • Training Progress
  • Workload Completed
  • Progress Reporting
Workflow Management
  • Throughput
  • Sample Lots Tested
  • Product Development Milestones
  • Productivity Goals
  • Turnaround

Going Beyond Scientific Recruitment

We’re here to help solve your lab needs, which means our support extends beyond just KPIs. Whether it’s day-to-day management, annual performance reviews, or employee benefits, we deliver where it matters most.

Pace Scientists working in laboratory. Life science staffing agency, lab professionals

Proven Scientific Staffing Performance

Cross Training Solutions In An Animal Health Company

Recall Response In A Production Comany

Multiple Headcount Restrictions Solutions In A Large Company

How We Work

On-site Support & Scientific Oversight To Solve Your Lab Needs.

We promise to deliver a level of quality that meets your data quality objectives, supported by personal service, ethical standards, data transparency and the highest level of assistance possible.

We are a community of scientists who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. By utilizing more than 40 years of expertise in running labs, we provide you with experienced professionals and services to support you and your scientific work. We are not only committed to helping you develop and innovate your products, but we make sure to stay informed on the latest scientific technologies and methods to ensure we deliver you the best results.

Integrated Laboratory Services  

When your team needs additional support, our scientists are ready. Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained experts add power to your project – whether that’s in our lab or in yours.