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Laboratory Staffing to Maintain Your Operations

Keep your lab running smoothly with our flexible, people-powered solutions. Utilizing our extensive lab expertise, we help expand your lab’s capabilities with qualified scientific minds committed to moving your project forward. Collaborate with us for the answer to your lab staffing needs.

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Our Process

Our team listens and collaborates with you to develop a staffing solution that works. From individuals to a robust team, our scientific staffing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. By delegating routine functions to our dedicated professionals, your in-house staff gains more time to focus on core business activities.

Our team leverages robust industry knowledge to fully assess the needs of your laboratory. We then work with you to establish benchmarks and begin activities to meet the quality and compliance requirements of your project.

  • Position Assessment
  • Scientific Recruiting
  • Technical Review
  • Candidate Qualification

We carefully and strategically design the right program for your needs and hand select uniquely qualified talent for your project. Our team then manages onboarding and human resources functions in a seamless transition, so you know your project is well taken care of.

  • Program Set Up
  • Talent Selection
  • Onboarding & HR Management

We provide you with onsite support paired with ongoing project management. We place highly skilled scientists in your laboratory, coordinate skill set training, provide work direction/delegation as well as provide ongoing oversite and personnel management.

  • Personnel Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Professional Development

Our team continuously monitors program performance and provides frequent updates for your project. We ensure quality and efficiency with ongoing metrics and reporting, as well as manage your resource skill matrix.

  • Deliverable Performance
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Staffing Levels
  • Program Leadership

Insourcing Vs. Staff Augmentation

Our insourcing model allows us to bypass contractor limitations and solve common hurdles associated with temporary staff or staff augmentation. Whether you need project-based staff or a full-service solution, we provide options customized to your requirements. Learn more about how we measure success.

Scientific Insourcing Solutions

  • Offload Routine Scientific Functions
  • Bypass FTE Restrictions
  • Provide Reliable, Timely Test Results
  • Support Staff Stability & Productivity Support
  • Monitor On-Site Activities & Produce Reports
  • Respond Flexibly to Demand
  • Find the Right Talent & Skill Sets
  • Gain Insights on Deliverables & KPIs

Proven Scientific Staffing Performance

It’s the science of people. The science of scale. The science of worrying less and achieving more.

Your Milestones, Our Mission

Get tailored scientific staffing support from our team of scientists, not a standard science staffing agency. Our people-powered solutions make it happen.

Amazing Benefits For Dedicated Scientists

You’re meticulous. Methodical. Passionate. You’re a scientist. Are you ready to do work that moves the world forward (And enjoy great full-time benefits!)?

Keeping Pace® With Pharma

Discover unique insights to meet milestones, achieve regulatory compliance, and relieve internal constraints.

How We Work

Integrated Laboratory Services  

When your team needs additional support, our scientists are ready. Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained experts can add power to your project – whether that’s in our lab or in yours.