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At Pace®, we often work with many aspects of our customers’ businesses. Click on the industries below to get a quick glance at the scope of services offered.

Pace® Emergency Services

When disaster strikes and the risk of environmental contamination is high, the Pace® Emergency Disaster Response Team offers around-the-clock testing services nationwide. For immediate assistance, call the Pace® emergency response hotline at 877-859-7778.

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No one cares more about the environment than those who make a living from the land. Pace® testing services give agricultural producers the data to improve operations while minimizing environmental impact. Some of our most frequently requested services include:

Assessing soil quality to help improve yields
Sampling synthetic and organic soil amendments for contaminants, such as PFAS and other organic compounds
Analyzing source water and wastewater discharge for environmental contaminants
Analyzing environmental impact in support of sustainable farming practices
tractor spraying field of crops at dawn. Pace services for agriculture industry.
woman holding packages while looking at phone. Pace services for consumer goods industry

Consumer Goods

Product safety is a priority for consumer goods manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Pace® testing services help support product labeling, product certification (such as PFAS-free), compliance initiatives, and quality control. We also provide industrial environmental services such as monitoring for vapor intrusion, particulate matter, and other air contaminants to help ensure employee safety and OSHA compliance. Our wastewater effluent analysis services support compliance with NPDES and other regulatory programs.


Providing a safe place for learning is vital to ensuring the best educational opportunities for all students. Pace® environmental analysis services can help identify toxic substances that impede a student’s ability to learn and thrive. When issues are uncovered, the data can help school administrators take effective steps to eliminate the risk and fulfill the trust placed in them by students, parents, and staff.

children at school. Pace services for education industry.

Engineering & Construction

In the construction business, the problems you don’t see can cost you the most. Whether redeveloping a site or starting a greenfield development project, Pace® environmental analysis services can help. Our environmental specialists regularly provide analyses to support projects such as Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), CERCLA remediation, RCRA monitoring, risk mitigation, litigation support, and more.

Environmental Consulting

Pace® is the go-to resource for many of the country’s leading environmental consulting firms. We’ll work with your organization, supplementing your expertise with ours so you can help your clients navigate the many environmental risks and liabilities in today’s world.

Environmental consultant taking sample at factory site. Pace services for environmental consulting.
powerplant at dusk. Pace services for energy industry.


Pace® offers a full suite of testing services for upstream, midstream, downstream, and retail energy market segments. Some of the projects we provide analytical support for include manufactured gas plant (MGP) remediation, TCLP/waste characterization, CCR compliance monitoring, fenceline monitoring, well/tank decommissioning, source emissions monitoring, emergency response, TENORM, environmental site assessments, and more.

Pace® also provides testing services for many specific types of contaminants (PCBs, PFAS, TPH, explosive, etc.) to support compliance with multiple federal programs and initiatives, such as NPDES permitting, CERCLA, RCRA, and MMRP. We have the advanced equipment and expertise to analyze a wide range of matrices, including drinking water, groundwater, surface water, wastewater, leachate, soil and sediments, biota (plant and animal tissue), ambient air, stack emissions, and more.


Pace® regularly collaborates with the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and many other agencies to provide testing services and expertise. For example, we’ve been selected multiple times to help develop and validate environmental test methods for contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Our team of explosives experts is often called on to support the DOD’s Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP). The DOE and other agencies rely on our expertise in areas such as PFAS and Radiochemistry analysis. We also work closely with state agencies as they work to define, implement, and enforce local and nationwide rules and regulations regarding environmental contaminants.


Pace® offers a wide-ranging suite of services for every stage of the healthcare supply chain, from pharmaceutical manufacturing and compounding to patient care. Pace® environmental services for healthcare include testing for chemical contaminants that can impact patient health and safety and biologics, such as Legionella. We routinely work with healthcare systems to develop water management plans to help keep their patients, visitors, and employees safe. In the event of an outbreak of a waterborne disease, our emergency services team can help coordinate a response and provide forensic analyses to determine the source.

Pace® also supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies with cleanroom testing, certification, and monitoring services, including comprehensive support for compliance with USP <797> and USP <800> standards. Our team can even provide equipment maintenance and repair services to achieve the precision needed with laboratory instrumentation.


Pace® offers a broad array of services to manufacturers. Our environmental services include testing and analysis to help customers protect the environment and support compliance with environmental regulations, such as TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act), California Proposition 65, EU REACH, NPDES, and more. In an emergency, such as a chemical spill, fire, or explosion, Pace® provides emergency disaster response services. For immediate assistance, call the Pace® emergency response hotline at 877-859-7778. Or, to learn more, visit our Emergency Disaster Response Services page.

In addition, Pace® can help assess quality control programs, review Safety Data Sheets for accuracy and thoroughness, and ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory reporting requirements. For indoor environments, our indoor air services help keep employees safe and support OSHA compliance by monitoring for VOCs, particulate matter, and other air contaminants.

For pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturers, Pace® even offers cGMP testing and small-scale manufacturing of clinical supplies. Our FDA-registered sites have expansive stability and release testing to ensure your product remains consistent over the intended product life, along with other key commercialization services. Development programs without existing manufacturing capabilities partner with us to create the necessary supplies to advance their program into clinical stages.

Medical Device

Pace® supports medical device manufacturers throughout the lifecycle of their businesses and products with specialized services. We aid in medical device development by helping to establish product functionality and safety with comprehensive analytical support and testing services. Our teams also support your internal research and manufacturing, whether that entails facility validation and environmental monitoring, audits and training, or support with regulatory pathways and agency communication.


Pace® supports the mining industry at every stage of mine operations, from site assessments for proposed mining to mining operations to site reclamation. Examples of services offered include:

Water analysis and monitoring (wastewater, groundwater, surface water, process water, drinking water) for safety, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance
Analysis of solids (soil, sludges, sediments), mine waste (hazardous and non-hazardous), and air (PM-10, VOCs, PAHs, etc.)
Biological tissue analysis to determine the impact of mining operations on the local environment
Overburden and topsoil analysis and bio-accumulation studies using biota analysis
Determination of the acid-producing potential of mine tailings, overburden, and mine waste rock
Acid-base accounting and acid mine-drainage analysis, including kinetic testing with simulated weathering columns and cells
Support for LEAF (Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework)

Oil & Gas

Pace® offers a full suite of testing services for upstream, midstream, downstream, and retail businesses in the oil and gas industry. Our comprehensive service offerings, including project planning, sampling, and data interpretation, make Pace® the go-to resource for businesses in the oil and gas industry seeking to comply with environmental regulations or assess and mitigate the impacts of operations on the environment. Examples of services we offer include:

Environmental analyses for natural gas exploration and production
Monitoring and analysis of hydrocarbon contamination at refineries, petrochemical plants, and fuel storage facilities
Support for compliance with UST (underground storage tank) regulations and remediation of contamination
ESA (environmental site assessment) support for brownfield properties to assess and quantify existing contamination and inform remediation measures

In the event of an emergency, such as a train derailment, spill, explosion, or pipeline leak, Pace® provides emergency disaster response services. For immediate assistance, call the Pace® emergency response hotline at 877-859-7778. Or, to learn more, visit our Emergency Environmental Disaster Response Services page. 

Pharma and Biopharma

We provide a full suite of contract CMC development, clinical trials materials manufacturing, regulatory compliance, consulting, and facility support services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and gene therapy industries. Our network of CDMO sites consists of GMP analytical testing laboratories and manufacturing support service centers.

Our Professional Services team helps pharma and biopharma development labs achieve the precision needed with laboratory instrument maintenance and repair. If staffing is an issue, we can provide short- or long-term skilled professionals to help you meet demand.

For pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturers, Pace® provides a wide array of support services, including cGMP support, scientific staffing, cleanroom validation services, environmental monitoring, water testing, and more.

Pace scientist working in biopharma lab. Pace services for pharma and biopharma industry.
water tower against blue sky. Pace services for utilities.

Public Utilities & Systems

Pace® works closely with public utilities to help ensure public safety and minimize environmental impact. Public Water Systems often rely on our environmental services to ensure compliance with drinking water regulations and standards. We are a UCMR-approved laboratory and hold state accreditations and certifications in every state with a lab approval program. We also work closely with wastewater professionals, water treatment plant operators, solid waste landfill managers, and other municipal services to protect the public and the environment.


Pace® supports a wide array of transportation projects from infrastructure initiatives managed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to privately funded or subcontracted commercial work. Our expertise in environmental contaminants, site assessments, waste characterization, impact remediation, and more can help transportation project managers comply with federal, state, and local regulations while minimizing environmental impacts.

In the event of an emergency, such as a train derailment, spill, explosion, or pipeline leak, Pace® provides emergency disaster response services. For immediate assistance, call the Pace® emergency response hotline at 877-859-7778. Or, to learn more, visit our Emergency Environmental Disaster Response Services page.

Waste Management

Pace® helps waste management professionals ensure the proper handling, treatment, and disposal of solid and liquid waste, including hazardous and non-hazardous types. Leveraging a broad spectrum of advanced analytical tools and methods, our labs can accurately identify and quantify the chemical, biological, and physical characteristics of waste materials. This data supports compliance with regulations, guides waste classification, and informs the selection of appropriate treatment pathways.

For hazardous or toxic waste, a detailed analysis is crucial in preventing environmental contamination and risks to human health and can help waste management professionals determine the safest and most cost-effective disposal strategies. Non-hazardous waste characterization can aid in optimizing recycling and waste-to-energy processes, contributing to sustainable waste management strategies.