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Reduce Your Risks; Protect Your Staff, Customers, And Patients

According to the CDC, almost half of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks are caused by process failures, human error, faulty equipment, and changes in water quality. A comprehensive Water Management Plan from Pace® can help you mitigate the risks of waterborne pathogens in your water systems. Services we provide include:

Water Infection Control Risk Assessment (WICRA)

Many construction projects can negatively impact water quality, causing spikes in waterborne pathogens like Legionella. These events include excavation, water main breaks, water pressure changes, brown water events, construction materials, dormancy prior to occupancy, and ineffective disinfection during or after commissioning.

An ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) is designed to minimize exposure to dust, mold, pathogens, and other contaminants that may be disturbed or introduced during construction events. Adding W(ater) to ICRA helps protect customers, employees, patients and the general public from waterborne pathogens as well. A WICRA can also protect your organization’s reputation from the consequences of outbreaks due to construction-related risks.

Environmental Risk Assessments For Waterborne Pathogens

Waterborne pathogens are a significant threat to building systems and recreational water sources as many of the diseases they cause can be debilitating or even fatal. The first step in water management planning is to perform an environmental risk assessment that identifies potential hotspots for waterborne pathogens.

Pace® has provided environmental risk assessments to hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, industrial facilities, and other commercial and residential buildings for almost three decades. We can help you identify potential sources of waterborne pathogen contamination, evaluate the likelihood of human exposure, and formulate effective strategies to mitigate the risks.

Water Safety And Management Plans

Pace® water management plans help organizations comply with ASHRAE 188 and state regulations for Legionella risk management in building water systems. From a full-service plan development to DIY solutions, we provide the resources you need.

Full-service Water Management Plan Development

Our full-service water safety and management plan development includes onsite information gathering, customized procedures, and evidence-based recommendations for ongoing controls to limit the risk of waterborne pathogen growth. Throughout the project, Pace® water management professionals will proactively collaborate with your team to ensure your organization’s needs are met.

Water Management Plan And Policy Audits

Whether you developed your water management plan or hired someone else to do it for you, Pace® can review your existing plan to help ensure you are in compliance with ASHRAE 188 and local codes. Our audits also ensure your plan is accurate and implemented as designed. Our audit services include onsite audits, review of plan documentation, and annual reviews as required by ASHRAE 188.

Onsite Sampling And Sampling Plans For Waterborne Pathogens

Don’t have time to sample or not sure how? Pace® can do it for you! Not only will we travel to your site to collect your samples, but we’ll also give you a sampling plan so your team knows where water samples are being collected and why.

Water Management Plan Implementation Services

Implementing a water safety and management plan to reduce the risk of waterborne diseases can be demanding. Pace® can help you ensure your program is a success. Our services include participation on your water management team, program oversight, onsite quarterly sampling, annual audits, and plan updates.

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