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Effectively and safely addressing environmental contamination is vital to protecting community health and the environment and meeting organizational sustainability goals. With a wealth of experts, Pace® delivers comprehensive analytical testing services across all project phases for most types of contaminants.

Our methodologies align to both state and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory standards. In addition, we can tailor our analyses to address unique scenarios and meet specific project goals.

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Quality Results Require Quality Testing

Pace® is the largest American-owned laboratory network. Our extensive experience, investments in advanced technologies and methodologies, and commitment to quality ensure accurate, defensible results.

Experienced Analysts and Project Managers

It requires an experienced team to manage the most challenging remediation projects. Pace® has provided analytical testing services for remediation for over three decades.

Fast Results

You need fast results to make quick decisions. We are a national network with a local presence, offering reliable results when and where you need them.

The Most Advanced Methodologies

With our advanced sampling equipment, testing, and analytical capabilities, you can have confidence in both your sample collection and data quality.

The Science of Innovation

Pace® is delivering science better with ezHerbicide® and ezSoil. Continually investing in infrastructure, processes, and technologies allows us to deliver better results faster for clients.

ezHerbicide® lab service takes herbicide residue testing to new levels of innovation.
A low-volume, direct injection technology, ezHerbicide® requires fewer samples for testing and analysis. Along with less need for time-consuming sample prep, this means ezHerbicide® can provide results up to 50% faster than other lab methods.

ezSoil® converges technology with custom equipment to improve quality while reducing turnaround. ezSoil® allows us to perform VOC analysis by 8260 from 1 VOA vial with MeOH, reducing your time in the field and minimizing the need for dilutions, thus reducing data quality review time.

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