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Hazard Communication and Raw Material Data Management Case Study

A mid-sized global coatings company was operating with a very reactive regulatory program, which resulted in delayed shipments and increasing legal risks. No systems were in place to collect, validate and organize supply chain data, update SDSs and labels, ensure compliance in global markets or respond to client inquiries for information.

Raw Material Data Management Case Study

A large chemical company was looking for a more proactive and efficient way to manage their supply chain regulatory data without burdening their upper-level regulatory employees. This is a company with thousands of raw materials who continuously adds new vendors, reformulates and develops new products, and makes acquisitions.

Regulatory Consulting Case Study

A start-up chemistry company developed a novel chemistry for the green market. While they have plenty of expertise in their field of chemistry, they did not have knowledge of complex regulatory requirements necessary to bring their product to market. Since they are a start-up company, they are simply unable to make the cost commitment to a full-time, experienced regulatory employee at this time.

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