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ISO 9001, NEBB and CETA/CNBT quality certified

Facility qualification of new controlled environments and ongoing certification and environmental monitoring of existing cleanrooms is an important quality activity. Pace Analytical is ISO 9001, NEBB and CNBT quality certified to assure compliant vendor qualification, testing and reports for all your critical equipment and facilities.

Pace Analytical assures compliant vendor qualification, testing and reports for all your critical equipment and facilities. We offer cleanroom certification to ISO 14644 and formal facility qualification (IQOQPQ) services, an extensive list of equipment qualification IQOQs, and compressed gas contaminant testing.

  • National Service backed up by the stability and long-term success of Paces nationwide network
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and technician training.
  • Best in class reports

Pace holds a Cleanroom Performance Testing certification from the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

For more information about Pace's Cleanroom Testing and Qualification Services, contact us at or 612.656.1175.

Our Facility Services

Facility Qualification

Offerings include User Requirements (URS), Design Qualifications (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ)

Cleanroom Certification

ISO 9001 and NEBB quality certified. The highly trained staff can assist with the certification at any step of the process and performs testing according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), ISO and IEST standards.

Equipment Qualification

Equipment qualifications are performed on water systems, compressed air and gas systems, HVAC systems, autoclaves, stability chambers, incubators, refrigerators, freezers, ovens and other equipment that has specific user requirements. We can assist with anything from purchasing the appropriate equipment to use of equipment to protocol development and writing reports.

Equipment Certification

Equipment certification on Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), Laminar Flow HEPA Workstations, Fume Hoods, compounding isolators and other equipment that has specific user requirements.

Compressed Gas/Air Testing

Compressed gas and air testing at any step of the process including customized final reports that include test results and a map of testing locations. Services include particulate, viable organism, moisture, oil, pressure, and IQ/OQ/PQ.

Instrument and Equipment Calibration

Calibrations are performed to determine, check or rectify the graduation of any instrument giving a quantitative measurement.

Pharmacy Services

Our CETA National Board of Testing certified staff can provide all required cleanroom testing and certification, to help ensure compliance with USP 797 and 800. Services include certification of all primary engineering controls (BSC, LAFW, CI/CACI), viable and non-viable particulate, HEPA integrity, room airflow and air changes per hour, room pressurization, and videotaped static/dynamic airflow visualization testing.

Other Services:

  • Particle Counts
  • HEPA Filter Integrity
  • HEPA Filter velocity/volume
  • Room Air Changes
  • Room Pressure
  • Room Recovery
  • IQ/OQ/PQ
  • HEPA Filter Integrity
  • HEPA Filter velocity
  • Airflow Visualization
  • Viable Air Sampling
  • Viable surface Sampling
  • Temperature and Humidity uniformity
  • HEPA filter replacement
  • Installation of monitoring systems
  • CEA HVAC test and balance work
  • Contamination control consulting
  • Contamination control audit

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