The Medical Device Group at Pace Analytical Life Sciences (PLS) offers comprehensive analytical support to help medical device manufacturers establish the functionality and safety of their product through our physical testing services. With a focus on the client, our lab has earned a reputation for delivering high quality data on time.

Testing Services

Some of the physical testing services for medical devices that we offer in our peel force lab include:

  • Instron Testing – Capable of measuring loads in the range of 2-1000lbs
    • Mechanical testing of Packaging, Materials, Catheters, Patches, Drapes, etc.
    • Tensile
    • Elongation
    • Peel Adhesion
    • Seal strength
    • Tear
    • Compression
    • Loop Tack Testing
  • Imass SP-2000 Testing
    • Peel Force
    • Release Force
  • Stress Testing
  • Shear Testing
  • Aging Studies
  • Package Testing
  • Container Closure Integrity / Ingress Testing
  • Static Decay Testing
  • Motorized Micrometer
  • Permeability Test – Oxygen, Water, and Organic Solvents
  • Hardness testing

The physical testing services that we provide the medical device industry enable them to better select materials, evaluate the effect of material degradation, aid them in the evaluation of vendor changes and provide quality control on incoming raw materials.

Pace Analytical Life Sciences is FDA registered, DEA registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

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Chelsea Robinson Marketing Manager, Pace Analytical Life Sciences