Pace® routinely runs analysis of Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detection for Aroclors. This method determines and quantifies PCB Aroclors as outlined in the following methods: EPA method 508, 608, and EPA SW-846 Method 8082,

The following Aroclors can be analyzed for:

Aroclor 1016
Aroclor 1221
Aroclor 1232
Aroclor 1242
Aroclor 1248
Aroclor 1254
Aroclor 1260
Aroclor 1262
Aroclor 1268

Pace® Analytical Services Aroclor analysis is done by Gas Chromatography (GC)/ Electron Capture Detection (ECD). The GC/ECD is routinely equipped with a high-resolution fused-silica capillary chromatographic column. For each Aroclor, characteristic peaks are selected to quantify the amount of that Aroclor. The peaks selected from the multi-component Aroclor formulations are based on maximizing the separation for each Aroclor (i.e., minimizing peak overlap). Consideration is also given to selecting peaks that normally do not exhibit co-elution with interfering peaks or possible co-elution with organochlorine pesticides. The determined area of the peaks selected for calibration is processed by the data system, combining the area for calculation of the calibration factors.