Faster, more accurate, and environmentally-conscious herbicide residue testing and analysis.

Pace® ezHerbicide® lab service takes testing for herbicide residue to new levels of innovation. This patented technology and process provides higher quality data results – faster.

Most labs conducting herbicide residue analysis do so using an Electron Capture Detector (ECD). While Pace® utilizes this method in certain cases too, the R&D team at Pace® has developed ezHerbicide® to improve upon this method. ezHerbicide® is a less wasteful and more efficient residue analysis process using LC-MS/MS with EPA Method 8321b as a guideline.

The Electron Capture Detector (ECD) process is routinely labor-intensive and generates large amounts of waste in addition to exhibiting erratic recoveries of targets. This extraction method also uses harmful solvents such as ether and diazomethane, which counterintuitively poses a threat to the environment.

In contrast, the ezHerbicide® residue detection method requires fewer solvents, resulting in less waste while ensuring a more accurate and precise determination of common herbicide forms in soil and water.

Better Chemistry for Herbicide Residue Testing = Higher Data Quality.

More highly developed instrumentation combined with better chemistry equals better science. Analysis using ezHerbicide® produces a higher quality of analytical results in less time. Time is saved by eliminating the labor-intensive laboratory prep work required by older technology and replacing it with a direct-injection LC-MS/MS method using triple quadrupole technology coupled with a simplified hydrolysis extraction process developed for lower parts-per-billion (ppb) detection of herbicide residue in both soil and water.

Faster Results with Reduced Volume Technology.

Pace® ezHerbicide® service is based on reduced volume technology, requiring fewer samples for herbicide testing and analysis. This, along with eliminating the need for time-consuming lab preparation work, means ezHerbicide® can provide results up to 50% faster than other labs, and in many cases, within the same day. And, ezHerbicide® clients have near real-time access to test results through the Pace® online data reporting software.

ezHerbicide® herbicide residue testing and analysis service is an example of how Pace® continually invests in its infrastructure, processes, and technologies to improve results for its clients. Delivering Science Better.

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