Building on extraordinary growth in understanding of the processes governing fate and transport of contamination in subsurface systems, Pace Analytical® provides a unique and powerful approach to the investigation of fractured bedrock contamination. Pace offers these services to the industry via an exclusive licensing agreement with the developers of this technology, Beth Parker and the University of Guelph.

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How It Works

CORE Discrete Fracture Network ApproachTM, was developed to assess contaminant mass distribution in both the secondary porosity (fracture) and the primary porosity (matrix). The approach also provides a determination of transport pathways. COREDFN is a high-resolution investigation approach that definitively describes contaminant mass distribution and identifies which fractures are active transport pathways (not just hydraulically active ones). The approach couples unique proprietary sampling and analytical methods backed by rigorous QA/QC to provide reliable data that offers an unparalleled understanding of contamination in fractured rock.

What Does CoreDFN Address

  • Mass distribution in a dual-porosity system.
  • Migration pathway determination.
  • Contaminant mass storage in the matrix pore water and sorption to organic matter in the matrix.
  • Potential for strong plume retardation resulting from diffusion of mass from fractures into the matrix.
  • Potential for the matrix to be a long-term source of solutes as contaminant mass diffuses back to the fractures.