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Pace Analytical® Doubles Capacity for Air Testing and Analysis with New Laboratory

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Pace Analytical® Doubles Capacity for Air Testing and Analysis with New Laboratory

Minnesota air lab offers clients an abundance of easy-to-use sample canisters and the fastest turnaround time in the industry

Minneapolis, MN, October 27, 2020 – Pace Analytical® Services, LLC, America’s largest laboratory network providing environmental and life sciences analytical information and services, today announced the opening of a new laboratory devoted to Air testing and analysis.

Pace Analytical supports virtually any air testing and analysis need, including testing for volatile, semi-volatile, and gas contaminants. Recently, the company has experienced an increase in demand for vapor intrusion testing as a result of guidance issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The USEPA warns that vapor intrusion occurs when volatile chemicals from contaminated soil and groundwater enter indoor air space. Pace Analytical has extensive experience implementing programs in support of USEPA guidance as well as state-level regulations

“We’ve added significant capacity in response to demand for vapor intrusion and other air testing services”, said Mike Fuller, COO of Pace Analytical® Environmental Sciences. “The new facility is fully dedicated to air lab services and not only allows us to double our current capacity but provides added space for the Pace Air Research and Methods Development team.” This team is responsible for developing ezCANS™, a proprietary air sample collection device that is easier to use and provides a quick disconnection capability that is particularly valuable to clients requiring stricter levels of quality control.

“The air lab services market has grown such that the industry has experienced seasonal shortages of air sampling materials and longer than normal turnaround times. This won’t happen to Pace clients,” adds Fuller. An industry-wide shortage of the canisters required to collect air samples for labs to process typically occurs during the winter months. Pace has the resources and capacity to manufacture, maintain on-hand inventory, and distribute its ezCANS™ through the new Pace Air laboratory.

The Minnesota-based Air laboratory is now open to support clients and Pace Air labs across the country. All Air testing procedures are performed internally by dedicated air laboratory experts. More information is available at

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