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Common Questions About Drinking Water Analysis In North Carolina

1. How can I get a sample testing kit?

Sampling kits may be picked up at the Pace Raleigh location at 4915 Water’s Edge Drive Raleigh, NC.

2. When can I collect and submit samples?

For the week of July 1, we are unable to accept samples that are not currently scheduled due to the July 4th Holiday.
Beginning Monday July 8, we will be able to receive samples Monday through Wednesday from 8 am until 2 pm. When you pick up a sampling kit, a return date for the bottles will be scheduled. These sampling kits do come with basic instructions. A video is available on the Wake County website for further instructions.

3. How much does the testing cost and how long will it take?

The cost is $179 per sample for gross alpha/beta, radon, and uranium. The standard turnaround time is 21 business days. A 15 business day turnaround time is available for $269. This will require laboratory approval and is based on capacity and demand. Please inquire at the time of picking up sampling containers.

4. Do you have plenty of sample testing kits?

Yes, we have increased our inventory to meet the public’s demand for sampling.

5. If I want to do additional testing, what does that include and cost?

A comprehensive drinking water screen includes inorganics, organics, metals, and bacteria. Additional sample containers are required. The cost is $395.

You may also refer to these websites for drinking water Maximum Contamination Limits.

Maximum contamination limits (MCLs) are listed in the section “NC Rules Governing Public Water Systems” on page 211 on the following website:

More information can be found on the EPA’s website: