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Today we face unprecedented challenges to protect our environment and improve the health, well-being and safety of all people. As one of the largest analytical laboratories in the U.S., Pace provides the scientific expertise and instrumentation to support variant analytical testing requirements ― regardless of scope or complexity. Throughout our 35 year history, our clients have benefited from our commitment to data quality, timely sample turnaround times and excellent service. And just as important, we’re building sustainable practices into every aspect of our lab operations to support a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for everyone. To lead responsibly by providing sound science and unsurpassed project management to our customers is who we are and what we champion—today and in the future.

Quality in Science, Support and Service:  Making Tomorrow Safer

We offer comprehensive testing services for consulting, engineering, energy/utility companies, industry, municipalities and government agencies—as well as for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Our full service environmental testing laboratories offer inorganic, organic and radiochemistry capabilities—specializing in the analysis of trace level contaminants in air, water, wastewater, soil, biota and waste.

Our Life Sciences GMP laboratories provide analytical support for raw material, finished product, method development and validation for R&D, clinical and commercial activities.

Every day, we continually renew our commitment to be a leader in science, technology and innovation.

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