1. Is Pace a Staffing Agency?

We are more than a staffing agency because our core competency is operating laboratories. Pace has alleviated a variety of problems our clients have faced with temporary staffing agencies including lack of qualified candidates, poorly screened candidates, poor understanding of laboratory needs, and inadequate support after placement onsite. With over 30 years of experience, we have a unique advantage of better understanding the issues and needs of laboratory operations and its staffing needs. Additionally, we offer either an on-site manager or a client services manager to assist after onsite placement depending on the staffing needs of the client.

2. What types of laboratories do you work with?

We provide workforce solutions to a variety of industries including chemical, biochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, energy, and more! Our flexible solutions provide diverse technical support capabilities in any technical industry.

3. What is the benefit of patnering with Pace for my staffing?

Our unique advantage of operating laboratories nationwide provides a variety of benefits:

  • A reliable partner who understands your staffing needs.
  • Flexibility of contract length/low co-employment risk so you can retain your valuable resources.
  • Higher retention equating to higher productivity and less time spent training.
  • Satisfied contingent workforce.
  • Ongoing support and management from Pace.

4. Why do our clients choose to use a contingent workforce?

Our clients are diverse and have several reasons for using a contingent workforce:

  • Insufficient staff to support workload
  • Fluctuation in workload or projects
  • Control headcount
  • Restricted ability to hire permanent FTEs
  • Lack of specific in-house expertise
  • Need for FTEs to focus on core business activities

5. What is the Pace recruitment process?

We collectively utilize our laboratory identity and industry experience to attract the best available talent. Through a comprehensive technical interview combined with a sound understanding of our clients’ needs, our scientific recruiters are able to secure the best long-term talent for open positions. Our process allows us to provide highly qualified and screened candidates, thus minimizing the amount of time our clients spend in the interviewing process.

6. My lab employees need specific training before starting. Can Pace help with that?

Yes, our scientific staffing program includes training in HR, safety, ISO compliance, GMP documentation, data integrity, ethics, and an overview of quality systems to familiarize new hires to industry standards. Additionally, we customize our training to fit our clients’ needs with:

  • LMS, program-specific training
  • Online training at any location
  • Lab techniques depending on client needs
  • Site-specific training – client approved Pace trainers train new hires

7. What experience does Pace have with ISO accredited programs?

Pace Analytical® is an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company. We have experience implementing and executing ISO audits, authoring SOPs, and renewing accreditations in our own labs and at in our customer’s operations.

8. Can you help me with authoring Safety Data Sheets or chemical regulatory product information?

Yes, the Regulatory Services Group at Pace Analytical® is comprised of approximately 100 regulatory specialists who assist companies of all sizes with their domestic and international product regulatory needs. Learn more about our regulatory services.