At Pace Analytical Life Sciences we continue to distinguish ourselves by offering the newest and most cutting edge techniques for rapid microbial identification and characterization. The Pace Analytical Life Sciences San German laboratory uses the Bruker MALDI-TOF Biotyper along with the Charles River Axcess® System for organism identification. In partnership with Charles River, environmental isolates are identified by using the 16S gene sequencing platform. By building a reference data base with environmental organisms in mind, we support environmental monitoring programs, product failure investigations, and other compendia testing. These identification methods aide in support of the FDA suggested compliance guidelines for aseptic processing and identification and characterization testing of biological contaminants. Rapid microbial identification can result in longer term cost savings in contrast to other methods.

Pace Analytical Life Sciences brings years of experience performing all types of analytical testing on many drug substances, drug products and medical devices. We bring the highest level of quality and attention to detail to our clients to assure that their microbial identification testing will be successfully executed.

We are FDA registered, DEA registered, cGMP compliant and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

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Chelsea Robinson Marketing Manager, Pace Analytical Life Sciences