We follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in our clinical supplies manufacturing, packaging, and labeling services for domestic and international studies. Entrust your tablets, capsules, and powders to our experts so your clinical trials can proceed with ease.

Pace® is open to supporting unique dosage form and manufacturing processes. 

Our manufacturing facilities meet FDA, cGMP, and EU requirements for Phase I and II clinical supplies, and are licensed with the Drug Enforcement Agency to manufacture and test controlled substances. We designed our facilities to handle a variety of manufacturing challenges such as potent compounds, light sensitive compounds, and organic solvent processing.

Connect with Pace® for more on custom manufacturing process trains to meet specific product needs.

Oral Solid Dosage Forms


  • Immediate release, sustained release, delayed release, bi-layer, orally disintegrating, sublingual and chewable


  • Powder, API-in-capsule, multi-particulates, over-encapsulated, banded, and enteric coated

Multi-particulates & Powders

  • Mini-tablets, extruded spheres, drug layered/coated spheres, powders for reconstitution, immediate release, sustained release, and delayed release

Packaging & Labeling


  • Bottles, blisters, tubes, jars, and sachets


  • Open labels, blinded labels, and simple kitting