Reduced volume technology is available for these popular water methods:

Prep Method 3510
Prep Method 3511
100 ml sample for:
40 ml sample for:
8270 Full List SVOC
8270 PAH • 8015 DRO
8270 PAH SIM
8015 ORO • 8015 RRO
8082 PCB
8081 PEST

Reduced volume technology is good for time/cost management in the field

  • Reduce sampling time by requiring less volume
  • Provides viable sample volumes from routinely low producing or slowly recharging wells
  • Reduced number of coolers needed in field
  • Ease of handling in the field
  • Reduce risk of breakage

How much sample volume is required?

100ml sample: Until now, conventional analysis for these methods has typically required a one liter sample volume. Pace maximizes the sensitivity of the instrumentation used for this analysis by calibrating significantly lower — which allows the same reporting limits (using just 100ml sample) that were previously obtained from a one liter sample.
40ml sample: same reporting limits as the 100ml sample with better recoveries and fewer QA failures for the PAH and 8015 water methods.

Key applications

  • RCRA remediation
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Ecological and/or hazardous waste assessments
  • Micro purge sampling
  • Low flow sampling

*Analytical methods remain unchanged to ensure data continuity.

How many and what type of sample containers are required?

Pace will provide (2)-100ml or (2)-40ml unpreserved bottles for each sample location (if MS/MSD samples are required, two extra bottles will also be provided). All containers should be completely filled, but unlike VOC analysis, zero headspace is not a sampling consideration.

Good for our environment

  • Reduction in solvent usage and emissions
  • Waste minimization through reduced solvent disposal
  • Smaller carbon footprint by shipping reduced weight
  • Reduce glass for disposal

Will the conventional analysis still be available?

Yes. This micro-extraction method may not be appropriate for all situations. Although it is accepted in most states, it may not yet be approved in your location — or a pre-existing QAPP may deter modification. In any event, Pace will be happy to work with you to determine if this is a viable alternative that could be used at your site. However, in areas where acceptance has been assured, you will receive sample containers to support the LVS approach unless you specifically request the larger one-liter containers at the time your container order is placed. Thank you for helping Pace move toward greener solutions.