Pace® Analytical Services provides radiochemical analysis and testing services at three locations.  Pace® Pittsburgh, Pace® National, and Pace® Wyoming support the radiochemical testing needs of some of the largest organizations in the United States.   Pittsburgh and National have nationwide certifications while Wyoming focuses on mining in the western US.

With three full-service locations to serve our customers, Pace® offers one of the most comprehensive radiochemistry testing programs in the United States!

Questions About Radiochemical Analysis?
Pace Analytical radiochemical analysis

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The Pace® Radiochemical Team combines the talents of experienced chemists, project managers, sampling technicians, and dedicated product and program managers, to assist in the selection and application of appropriate sampling strategies and provide support on the most demanding projects.

Project Experience

  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • Wastewater Analysis
  • Site Remediation
  • Food Testing
  • Waste Characterization
  • Site Decommissioning
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance
  • Nuclear Site Investigations
  • Nuclear Power Plant Services
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Coal Combustible Residuals Final Rule
  • Human Bioassay at NRC Licensed Facilities

Pace® offers radiochemical analysis and testing and services to meet the requirements of the following radiologically sensitive programs:

  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • State Private Well Testing Initiatives
  • Clean Water Act
  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
  • Department of Energy
  • NRC Site Decommissioning
  • Department of Defense
  • The Global Nuclear Power Industry
  • Coal Combustible Residuals (CCR) Final Rule
  • Sediment Dating
  • Land Applied Sludge
  • Uranium Mining
  • Oil & Gas Health and Safety
  • EU Import/Export Requirements
  • Human Bioassay
  • Precious Metals Mining