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Pace Analytical is the environmental laboratory testing leader in supporting successful hazardous waste delisting petition support and delisting projects. Our experience includes the support of many manufacturing plants in the United States in their successful completion of hazardous waste delisting. During each waste delisting project, Pace Analytical works closely with the manufacturing facility and environmental consulting firm to create a sampling and analysis plan that achieves the desired data quality objectives.

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A little background information on waste delisting

From the U.S. EPA, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (which guides EPA’s hazardous waste management programs) and its regulations provide for a process to remove or “delist” a waste generated at a particular facility from the list of hazardous wastes. The delisting process is initiated by the generator (the person creating the waste) who prepares a petition to request delisting of the waste. The petition provides information about the waste, including its chemical composition and characteristics, for the purpose of demonstrating that this particular waste is not hazardous. The petition is reviewed by the appropriate regulatory agency (either EPA or a state hazardous waste regulatory agency which has been authorized for the delisting program) to determine whether the waste is eligible for delisting.