Pace provides full-service environmental monitoring and analytical testing services for a wide variety of projects. We have more than 40 years’ experience in environmental testing, coupled with the latest scientific and technological innovations. Our scientists are experts in their fields and committed to providing quality results.

Pace has more than 20 years’ experience in the analysis of biological tissues. We routinely analyze fish, amphibians, birds, mammals and plants for environmental contaminants and have developed specific methodologies in biological matrices to ensure the accurate measurement of analytes of concern.

Characterizing soil and subsurface contamination is one of the key elements in every environmental site investigation. Contaminated soils can impact surface waters, groundwater, and shallow drinking water systems. Pace analyzes thousands of soils samples every year for most environmental contaminants.

Water quality regulations are complicated, abundant and ever-changing. For water quality monitoring, we offer multiple techniques for the analysis of drinking water, surface water, groundwater, and wastewater to comply with legislation and regulations.

Our wastewater monitoring services are designed to complement and support consulting engineers, industrial manufacturers and government agencies. Pace partners with you to optimize testing protocols, keep monitoring needs on track and provide cost-effective solutions.

Environmental regulations and standards for solid waste help protect human health and the environment. Solid waste environmental sample matrices can be challenging due to the classification of solid waste facilities including municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste, and radioactive waste. The Pace network of labs is set-up to hand


Air testing has been a core capability at Pace for more than a decade. We provide analytical solutions for nearly every application of air testing. Pace has experience with a broad range of air contaminants and maintains a significant inventory of specialized air sampling media.