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Puerto Rico Lab Update

Minneapolis, MN November 9, 2017

Dear Valued Customers:

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20th; now seven weeks have passed. We are feeling very fortunate that our staff are well and are on the road to personal recovery. Their resilience is inspiring and we are grateful for their gracious spirits and positive attitudes.

Amidst their personal recoveries, they have been diligent in their return to work, tending to client needs as well, and we have made great progress toward restoring full services. Today, I am happy to report that microbiology and chemistry testing services are back in full production within our San German laboratory. The only limitation persisting to services is from a reagent supply perspective, however, our Oakdale, MN laboratory will continue to provide backup support until all reagents and supplies are received.

To date, we had provided all of the updates on our progress through email and radio communication to our customers in Puerto Rico. We have also posted updates to our website; all of which can be found on our News & Insights page: here. We recently realized that many of our customers are also supported by their colleagues within the US, and therefore we are now expanding our email notification to include our US-based customers as well.

We are very fortunate in that our facility received only minor damage and has been operating with municipal water and electrical supply for the past few weeks. This enabled us to return to full operations much sooner than most other operations on the island and provides our customers with a reliable option for microbiology and chemistry testing services needed to bring their manufacturing plants back online.

Late last week our internet and voice services finally came back online. However, the services are still intermittent and not yet fully reliable. In addition to the standard email addresses consistent with the format, clients are also able to reach our staff using the alternate communication channels as described in our 13 Oct 2017 update.

While the island still maintains a long road to recovery, I am encouraged by how quickly our operation was able to reestablish services and it gives me confidence that our customers will emerge from this natural disaster with a firm commitment to producing lifesaving and sustaining products within Puerto Rico. Thank you for your support over these past few weeks.​​


Greg Kupp, VP-COO
Pace Analytical Life Sciences