Innovations In Sustainability

Protecting the Environment and Improving Our Health

Pace® Sustainability Commitment

From the water we drink, to the air we breathe and the medicines we take, the people of Pace® work in partnership with consulting firms, government agencies, industries, manufacturers, and others to provide the data to ensure the health and safety of all.

At Pace®, our commitment extends beyond the data we provide to the way we do business. Our company was founded over forty years ago to protect our environment and through our journey, our commitment to sustainability and low-impact solutions has not waivered. We are proud to meet or exceed state and federal laws governing waste management and have instituted several initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint.

The Science of Innovation

As an organization, Pace® has adapted Lean manufacturing principles that promote continuous improvement and innovation. This extends to our labs, where Pace® research and development teams have developed proprietary instrumentation and sampling technologies, and patent-pending processes to reduce waste. These innovations, which include reduced volume technologies and extraction methods for sampling, are not only good for the environment, but provide ease and convenience for Pace® customers. Through the science of innovation, Pace® has been able to reduce:

  • Solvent usage and emissions
  • Waste and solvent disposal
  • Glass/container disposal
  • Shipping weight requirements

The work of Pace® research and development scientists translates not only into less waste, but into time and cost savings. Spending less time in the field gathering samples, lower shipping volume requirements, and faster turnaround times result in unexpected savings for Pace® customers.

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The Science of Sustainability


Pace® applies a micro-extraction process to water test methods 3510 and 3511 that reduces sampling time and volume requirements.

  • Less solvent usage and emissions
  • Minimal waste associated with solvent and glass disposal
  • Reduced shipping weight


ezCANS™ is a proprietary air sampling canister that arrives ready to use and virtually eliminates field failures.

  • Reduced potential points of failure in field sample set-up
  • Spend less time in the field


ezSOIL™ converges technology with custom equipment to improve quality while reducing turnaround.

  • Reduced dilutions
  • Fewer containers required
  • Reduced shipping weight
  • Spend less time in the field
  • Improved accuracy and precision in analysis


ezHerbicide™ is patent-pending technology that provides faster, more accurate, and greener herbicide residue testing and analysis.

  • Less solvent usage
  • Fewer containers required
  • Reduced waste


True TOF® is a Pace® test method that uses combustion-ion chromatography (C-IC) technology to analyze total organic fluorine (TOF). The precise nature of this method requires less sample volume.

  • No extraction or adsorption required
  • Low volume sample required (10 mL is sufficient)
  • Reduced packaging
  • Reduced shipping weight

Working Smarter

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the lab to our everyday business practices. Below are some of the activities Pace® has initiated to further protect our environment.

Online Reporting. Pace® has virtually eliminated paper reporting across its lab network by implementing an online customer data management system. Customers have easy, instant access to their data, while Pace® reduces waste associated with printed reports.

Courier Optimization. Pace® has invested in technologies to optimize its sample courier routes for efficiency. The result is reduced mileage, idle time and, ultimately, fuel consumption.

Solvent Recycling. Pace® recycles tens of thousands of pounds of methylene chloride for industrial reuse versus disposal.

Reusable Coolers. Pace® uses reusable sample coolers versus disposable shipment materials that litter landfills.

Lab Energy Audits. Every Pace® lab undergoes an audit to access its energy use. Awareness of consumption patterns allows Pace® to reduce energy during high-demand periods by using off-peak energy.

Online Education. Pace® supports its employees through continuous, paperless online training and education programs.

Delivering Science Cleaner.

At Pace®, our mission is simple: To protect our environment and improve our health. We believe our work is integral to a cleaner, safer planet for all. We do this in partnership with our clients by providing the science – and the data – they need to make the right choices for the benefit of all. We believe we not only deliver science better; we deliver science cleaner.