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Find your purpose

Pace® Life Sciences provides integrated CMC drug development and GMP testing solutions to the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

We continually develop our talents, support scientific cross training and build an innovative culture to become the clear choice for our employees at all levels of experience. Every day we are inspired to work together to improve human health.

Pace Life Sciences team in the lab

“The best advice I received when making my transition into the pharmaceutical industry was that I would learn more in one year working at a contract organization than I could learn in three years at a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. In a contract organization, I work with and learn from expert scientists representing the entire cross section of the pharmaceutical industry.“ – Jonathan Neidigh, Associate Director, Ph.D.

Life sciences team during summer picnic

“Events like happy hour with my team, a chili cook-off across the department, or free tickets to a baseball game” open to anyone in the company are frequent and create a great sense of community with the people I work with. Through those events I have made lasting friendships with many of my coworkers, two of which just got married to each other after having met working at Pace®! Between my career development over the last 4 years and the friends I have made along the way I can confidently say that working for CROs has been the right decision for me.” – Kevin Bruns, Associate Scientist II

two employees talking

“A reputable CRO is able to maintain its workforce because there are many big companies in various stages of need and as some projects come to their conclusion, others are available to take their place. Upper management is generally more approachable and more accessible in a small company such as a CRO, which provides more opportunity to offer input or suggestions and have them be given legitimate consideration.” – Leif Irgens– Pr. Scientist, Ph.D.

Why a Contract Research Organization?

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