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Laboratory Company
Pace Analytical has a unique advantage of better understanding the issues and needs of a laboratory operation and its staffing requirements because we run over 35 Pace labs. In addition, our presence and reputation in the market place allow us to attract highly qualified scientists who are looking for a long-term career with a laboratory company. Temporary staffing agencies often struggle with attracting such talent as well as understanding the needs of the lab. Here’s how we run labs.

  • Scientific Recruiting Expertise
  • Management Program
  • Robust Benefit Program

Scientific Recruiting Expertise
Our recruiting staff is made up of scientists with relevant degrees and experience. Our recruiting process includes:

  • Screening candidates and only presenting the best ones
  • Background and technical assessments for skills, interest, and potential
  • Identifying softer skills and personality of the candidate to fit your specific needs

Pace takes the time to identify customer nuances to select candidates who will mesh well with the manager and current employees.

Management Program
Depending on the staffing needs of the client and the scope of the project, we offer either an on-site manager or a client services manager to assist in day-to-day employee issues.

  • Ensure excellent communication between clients, employees, and our operations group
  • On-site leadership to Pace employees
    • Greater job satisfaction leading to increased productivity
    • Reduced co-employment risk for you
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality management program

Robust Benefits Program
Pace provides full benefits packages to all of our employees, on-site and in our own labs, which include:

  • Health insurance (including vision and dental)
  • Paid vacation/holiday/sick time
  • Short and long term disability
  • 401K with an employer match
  • Training and career development programs
  • Bonus program

Samantha Waldschmidt - Scientific Staffing
(612) 346-2060