Regulatory Services

Our Product Regulatory Services Group provides the expertise required to meet current and emerging regulatory challenges, assessments and compliance.

The Regulatory Services Group at Pace Analytical is comprised of approximately 100 regulatory specialists who assist companies of all sizes with their domestic and international product regulatory needs. Some of our employees are located onsite with our clients and are fully dedicated to their regulatory programs. Others work at Pace Analytical’s Minneapolis, Minnesota, location and assist clients remotely. With increased awareness and regulation on chemicals, Pace has proven to be a valuable partner for our clients.

Pace provides expertise at the product level in the areas of:

Our flexible service options include:

Client Profile

The Product Regulatory Services group enjoys the opportunity to assist start-up companies all the way through to Fortune 500 companies. Our unique and flexible services are of value to any company that manufactures or private labels chemical products regardless of size or scope of work. Drivers for using Pace are varied and include implementing a proactive strategy, making acquisitions and the need for additional regulatory expertise.

Our current client industries include adhesives, coating, nanomaterials, polymers, commodity chemicals, cleaners/detergents, industrial lubricants, bio-based chemicals, etc.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our quality program ensures consistency and accuracy of all processes managed by Pace. Under the spirit of ISO, our system includes the adherence to standard operating procedures, tracking of performance metrics, customer feedback systems, corrective action plans, internal and external audits, and an extensive training program.

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