The Speed of Science



A prominent University had to quickly move their large science building across campus, while adhering to stringent requirements for the placement of chemicals in their new labs. Having worked, unsuccessfully, with other relocation companies in the past, the University required  a knowledgeable, flexible resource they could trust to accomplish the move on-time and on-budget.


  • Coordinate site-visits to understand requirements and establish KPI’s.
  • Allocate a project manager to serve as the client’s partner and point-of-contact.
  • Develop a comprehensive building move strategy with dates and room plans.
  • Mobilize a team of experts to transport equipment and reset chemicals in the new laboratory.


In demonstrating the ability to strategize and execute a move of this scale, and the scientific expertise to handle specific chemical requirement, Pace was able to allay fears and strengthen the client’s trust throughout the process. Delivering a fast, frictionless move, accomplished within the specified timeframe, Pace built a successful partnership.