Our Pace Life Sciences Boston location provides comprehensive Pharmaceutical and CMC Development services for all drug types including small molecules, biologics, and oligonucleotides. A thorough understanding of the chemical, physicochemical, biophysical, and/or biopharmaceutical character of drug candidates is used to conduct stage-appropriate analytical method development, pre-formulation, formulation and process development activities. Our highly-trained staff and state-of-the art laboratories are there to assist clients in all aspects of pharmaceutical development from drug candidate nomination to late-stage clinical readiness and beyond.

Technology transfer from our development laboratory in Boston, MA to our Oakdale, MN state-of-the art GMP testing facilities enables our clients to seamlessly and confidently advance their programs to pre-clinical and clinical studies in a manner compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Pace Analytical Life Sciences Boston laboratory

On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Polymorphism to De-Risk Drug Development


In the rapidly developing field of gene therapy, Pace® is considered an experienced veteran. Since 2015 we have worked closely with our customer-partners to accelerate processes and provide support throughout the gene therapy product development cycle.

The unique chemical and pharmaceutical properties of each therapeutic moiety must be considered when developing formulations for various routes of administration, whether it is an injectable, oral, or topical dosage form

Pace Analytical Life Sciences applies a rational and science-driven approach towards the development of biologic compounds, based on in-depth understanding of a compound’s physicochemical and biophysical behavior

Attaching active small molecules to proteins is a strategy that is being employed for drug targeting or to enhance the activity of the protein. These conjugates represent a growing segment of therapeutic molecules in the global

Oligonucleotides are a rapidly growing new class of biotherapeutics. Pace Analytical Life Sciences offers a full array of oligonucleotide contract research organization services for RNA (siRNA, miRNA, mRNA

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