Pace Analytical mobile laboratory testing servicesPace Analytical® mobile laboratory testing services are geared for the uncommon projects. Our specialty is designing mobile solutions for non-routine projects. We have the resources and expertise to outfit a mobile laboratory with instrumentation ranging from wet chemistry to GC/MS and many options in between. Organic or inorganic analyses in air, water or solids can be targeted with flexible mobile solutions.

  • On-site analysis
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Instrument systems tailored to project needs
  • Customized quality program
  • Electronic reporting

Each of our mobile laboratories is staffed by an expert chemist with the experience and skill to transport and operate throughout the country. Our on-site solutions are equipped with full-size instruments for an extensive scope of projects. We equip our mobile labs with redundant instrumentation to ensure uninterrupted service and maximum throughput.

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How Mobile Labs Improve Project Performance

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Nationwide Mobile Laboratories

Each mobile testing lab project is supported by one or more of our chemists who routinely transport and operate our mobile laboratories to locations throughout the country. Pace on-site laboratories are equipped with full-size instruments, including GC and GC/MS systems for volatile, PAH, pesticide, and PCB analysis, ICP/MS, and XRF systems for metals analysis, and HPLC systems for pesticide and explosives analysis. We often equip our laboratories with redundant instruments to ensure uninterrupted service and maximum laboratory throughput. Pace has implemented mobile laboratory solutions on a variety of project types, including DoD, Superfund, RCRA, sediment remediation/dredging, agricultural chemical, manufactured gas plant, petroleum/underground storage tank, dry cleaner/solvent, soil treatment/conditioning, international, state-funded remediation, and Brownfield sites.

Pace Mobile Labs – DoD ELAP Certified

Pace Analytical® mobile laboratory testing services (Pace Mobile Labs) is DoD ELAP and NELAP-certified environmental testing laboratory, meeting the DoD ELAP and NELAC standards established for testing laboratories. Pace Analytical® is experienced in working on projects requiring compliance with the Department of Defense’s Quality Systems Manual (DoD QSM).

On-Site Testing Analytical Parameters

  • VOCs
  • SVOCs
  • PAHs
  • TPH
  • Pesticides
  • PCBs
  • PFAST®
  • Explosives
  • Metals
  • Nitrate/Nitrite
  • Ammonia
  • 1,4-Dioxane (Low Level)
  • PAH (Low Level)
  • Soil Vapor
  • TCLP extraction/analysis
  • Other routine or customized methods

EXPERIENCE – Our team of qualified scientists has an average of over 15 years of relevant experience. With over 2,000 projects completed by our on-site laboratories, multiple state and Federal certifications, Pace Mobile Lab Services is your on-site partner when you need a captive/dedicated laboratory for your challenging investigation or remedial action.

CAPACITY – Pace is the largest, most comprehensive on-site laboratory provider in the country with 12 mobile laboratories augmented by the expertise and track record to establish an on-site laboratory anywhere in the world. Analytical solutions can encompass fixed based lab, on-site laboratories, or a combination of both.

REAL TIME RESULTS – Mobile lab can expedite results many times faster than a fixed base lab and within +/- 20% cost.

EXTENSIVE PLANNING AND QA/QC PROCESS – Pace has a detailed planning process with vigorous QA/QC to achieve the project DQO’s.

FLEXIBLITY – We understand that your work plan is constantly changing and are equipped to handle it. We have the ability, in both instruments and personnel, to be flexible with every aspect of your project.

ON-SITE EDDS – Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) data management and audit trail capabilities in both fixed-base and on-site laboratory settings that will stand up to the rigors of demanding data management protocols.

TEAMWORK – A culture that strives to be considered an extension of your project team. We will work tirelessly to provide added value that goes far beyond the empirical data we provide as our end product. Working directly in the field side by side on your project Pace-ECCS becomes a stakeholder, not just a subcontractor.

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Mobile Lab Case Studies


ESTCP Project ER19-B3-5203: Validation of Streamlined Mobile Lab Methods for Rea-time PFAS Characterization

Client Needs
What Pace Delivers
Real Time Results
We offer dedicated instruments and staff to provide results in minutes instead of hours or days.
Near real-time, certified data from the mobile lab keeps yellow iron moving versus sitting idle and waiting for results.
Complex Site Setting
Generating large amounts of data and large data density makes for a clearer picture. We can operate within a dynamic, ever-changing work plan.
Large Number of Samples
We can analyze up to 150 tests per day in three separate testing categories. We routinely produce 40 to 60 samples per day.
See all of the above.
Ag Chem/ Pesticides/ PCBs/ Explosives/ Metals
These are core competencies that differentiate us from all other mobile labs in the country.
Chasing a Plume
With one mobilization we can stay on site until the plume is fully delineated
No problem…we have worked internationally in several countries.

For more information on Pace Mobile Lab Services, please contact:
Mike Rossi
(802) 839-0544