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Pace’s Florida Laboratory has more than 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive drinking water testing services to a broad range of clients including public and private utilities. Pace Analytical was a leading lab in the EPA's UCMR 3 program and analyzed thousands of samples for each UCMR 3 test method. We are now ready to assist you with all of your UCMR 4 testing needs.

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Pace is approved by U.S. EPA for all Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 4 (UCMR 4) test methods. Those methods include:

  • Total Microcystins by ADDA ELISA EPA 546
  • Microcystins by EPA 544
  • Anatoxin-a & Cylindrospermopsin by EPA 545
  • Metals: Germanium & Manganese by EPA 200.8
  • Pesticides & Pesticide Byproducts by EPA 525.3
  • Alcohols by EPA 541
  • Semi-Volatile Compounds by EPA 530
  • Haloacetic Compounds by EPA 552.3
  • Total Organic Carbon by SM 5310B
  • Bromide by EPA 300.0

Pace Analytical has two laboratories participating in UCMR 4 for additional capacity and back-up services: Pace Ormond Beach, FL (all methods) and Pace Melville, NY (Metals, HAA9, Pesticides, TOC, and Bromide).

Pace will automatically upload all UCMR data directly into EPA CDX SDWARS in accordance with EPA requirements. Pace’s automatic upload prevents any error caused by manual data entry.

UCMR 4 requires special field sampling precautions and training. For example, sampling is required at a Source Water intake location, in addition to sampling at the Entry Points to the distribution system and points within the distribution system. Depending on the water system’s location, Pace provides a detailed UCMR 4 Field Sampling SOP and training for clients who choose to take their own samples, or field sampling by Pace’s experienced and trained sampling teams.

Pace also provides:

  • Complete water testing for drinking water compliance including Perfluorinated Alkylated Substances (PFAS/PFCs), 1,4-Dioxane, low-level Hexavalent Chromium, SOCs (including dioxin), Disinfection By-Products, Residual Disinfectants, VOCs, Radionuclides, Perchlorate, Asbestos, and other inorganic analytes and organic compounds.
  • Automatic notification of exceedances immediately following second level QC review, before final report generation.
  • 24/7 access to data via Pace’s password-protected website, PacePort. PacePort provides water systems with:
    • Immediate notification of sample receipt and itemized sample log-in information
    • Automated comparison of data to regulatory action and permit limits
    • Automated flagging of data that exceeds regulatory action and permit limits
    • Automated creation of Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) customized to your specifications and formats
    • Rush project tracking and preliminary data as samples are analyzed

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