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The following analytes are routinely analyzed in biological samples:

Analyte Instrument Method Reference
Metals ICP-MS EPA Method 6020
Methyl Mercury CVAF EPA Method 1630
Mercury Various EPA 7471M, 7473, 245.6, 1631E
PCB Aroclors GC-ECD EPA Method 8082
PCB Congeners HR-GC-MS EPA Method 1668
Organochlorine Pesticides GC-ECD EPA Method 8081
PAHs GC-MS-SIM EPA Method 8270-SIM
SVOAs/BNAs GC-MS EPA Method 8270
Dioxins/Furans HR-GC-MS EPA Method 1613, 8290
PBDEs HR-GC-MS EPA Method 1614
Lipids (fat content) In House SOP
Percent Moisture In House SOP

Organic Analysis:

Unlike soils which can effectively be extracted by ultrasonic disruption of a soil/solvent mixture, tissues require a more exhaustive, soxhlet extraction.

Analysis of samples is done according to Pace's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), derived from EPA methods noted in the above table.Inorganic Analysis:

Tissue samples may require metals analysis by:

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS)
  • Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA)
  • Cold Vapor Atomic Flourescence (CVAF)