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If your project requires non-routine testing and unique analytical requirements, Pace can help save you TIME and MONEY by handling all of your specialty analytical challenges.

Pace Analytical’s wide-range of unique services means that we can be your Total Testing Resource for virtually any environmental analyses you need. And we continually monitor all environmental matrices to meet the need for specialized methodologies and protocol in support of emerging environmental challenges. While our extensive cross training allows us to move resources quickly to meet demand, we also foster staff excellence to offer clients a wide range of scientific and technical expertise.

Because of the diverse specialty testing services we provide for a myriad of industries, clients and government agencies, Pace’s scientists continue to deliver real-time solutions that have impact to a client’s bottom line and business success.

If your project requires non-routine testing and special analytical support, let Pace help simplify project management, data delivery and paperwork by having all results posted in one location and from one vendor--24/7.

Explore Our Specialty Services

Air Testing

Air testing has been a core capability at Pace Analytical Service laboratories for over ten years. The Pace Analytical Air Testing Program provides analytical solutions for almost any potential application of air testing, and the Pace Analytical Air Testing Laboratory has experience with a broad range of air contaminants including: volatile compounds, semi-volatiles (Dioxin/Furan and PCBs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), air toxics, metals and particulates.

Asbestos Testing and Analysis

There are six kinds of asbestos, which are naturally occurring, fibrous, heat resistant minerals. Due to their strength, flexibility, and resistance to heat, these fibers were once used extensively in building materials. Asbestos exposure can lead to illnesses, including COPD, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Due to its dangerous nature, building materials must be tested for asbestos prior to removal.


Our laboratories in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Frontenac, Kansas (Southeast Kansas Lab) both offer fresh water and salt water bioassay testing and are certified and approved in most states across the nation. Theses two labs are also skilled in performing site specific toxicity studies.

Biological Tissue Analysis

Pace Analytical Services conducts Biological Tissue (Biota) analysis in Green Bay, WI laboratory, and the Minneapolis, MN POPs laboratory. Pace has more than twenty years experience in the analysis of biological tissue.

Brominated Flame Retardants Analysis

The EPA has developed and promulgated method 1614, which is capable of determining and quantifying the presence of 49 PBDE compounds in common environmental and food supply matrices. Pace Analytical Services has been performing this method since early 2005 and has current experience in a range of matrices.

Carbonyls, including Formaldehyde

Pace performs laboratory testing for carbonyls, including formaldehyde, using EPA 8315A. This method is an HPLC procedure performed on aqueous and solid sample matrices. Formaldehyde can be found in building materials, insulation, composite wood products, glues, resins, paints, household cleaning products, fertilizers, and pesticides. 

COVID-19 Wastewater Testing

COVID-19 is a single-stranded RNA virus and part of a group of viruses referred to as coronaviruses. Pace can test, analyze, and monitor water samples collected from wastewater treatment facilities for coronavirus RNA, the genetic signature of coronaviruses.


1,4-Dioxane is a synthetic chemical widely used as a stabilizer in chlorinated solvents, particularly 1,1,1-trichloroethane (TCA). It has also been used in various products as a laboratory reagent and as an extraction medium for plant and animal oils.


The Pace Analytical Services Dioxin Laboratory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is at the forefront of dioxin testing, having served the evolving global dioxin testing market for many years. The highly experienced Pace Analytical scientific staff performs dioxin/furan and dioxin-like compounds testing in virtually any matrix, utilizing the latest instrumentation and following USEPA methodologies.

Dissolved Gases Testing

Natural attenuation parameters in groundwater (3810/RSK175) by static headspace technique.

Drinking Water Analysis

When it comes to protecting the public health, there is no more important issue than ensuring the safety of our nation’s drinking water supply. Pace has been providing full drinking water testing services for over 30 years to various types of clients including public and private utilities, other environmental testing laboratories, bottled water companies, governmental agencies, and consulting firms located throughout the USA, Caribbean, Central America and Europe.

Drinking Water: Lead & Copper

EPA and the CDC agree that there is no known safe level of lead in a child’s blood. Lead is harmful to health, especially children.

Drinking Water UCMR 4

Pace’s Florida Laboratory has more than 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive drinking water testing services to a broad range of clients including public and private utilities. Pace Analytical was a leading lab in the EPA's UCMR 3 program and analyzed thousands of samples for each UCMR 3 test method. We are now ready to assist you with all of your UCMR 4 testing needs.

Federal Services Program

As a result of your efforts we were able to ensure that a deployed force had safe drinking water and could accomplish their mission. Thank you once again for your support of this top priority mission. This Center, the U.S. Army, and the Department of Defense are extremely grateful for the support you provided.

Explosives + Nitroglycerin and PETN

Typically analyzed as part of a Department of Defense (DoD) project or program, Explosives are analyzed using EPA Method 8330B on aqueous and solid samples from environmental sites at military bases, artillery ranges, ammunition plants, and other DoD facilities.

EZ Soil

The Pace Analytical company vision is fueled by innovation, and we are driven to excel in the areas of green initiatives, state of the art laboratory instrumentation, and new methodology. Our experts continuously search for instrumentation and new methodology that is greener, more efficient, and provides the best quality data to our clients.

Gas Phase FTIR Services/Field Analytical

FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) Spectroscopy provides gas-phase analysis for multiple compounds instantly within room air, exhaust emissions, material offgassing and process operations. FTIR technology offers a huge advantage over other sample collection procedures by analyzing both gaseous organic and inorganic compounds simultaneously onsite with immediate results.

Hazardous Waste Delisting

Pace Analytical is the environmental laboratory testing leader in supporting successful hazardous waste delisting projects. Our experience includes the support of many manufacturing plants in the United States in their successful completion of hazardous waste delisting.

Hydraulic Fracturing

With the dramatic uptick in hydraulic fracturing to meet global demand, the nation has become embroiled in controversy over the impact to the environment and public health. Safety and environmental consequences due to the use and disposal of fracking fluid chemicals, the effect to groundwater and air quality, and the presence of naturally occurring radioactive materials are highly debated.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Microbial Testing is utilized to determine bacteria and fungi organisms and their concentrations in the indoor environment. IAQ testing is often used after water damage has occurred and to validate if remediation has been effective.

Legionella Testing & Analysis

Legionella is a bacterium that is naturally found in water; and growing best in warm water. Some species have been known to cause diseases in humans, notably Legionnaires’ Disease and Pontiac Fever, though any disease caused by the bacterium is referred to as legionellosis.

Low-Level Mercury Analysis

Method 1631E provides measurement of mercury at previously unachievable, ultra-trace levels in water matrices, in support of state NPDES permit limits, TMDL measurements, and the Great Lakes Initiative. Mercury is analyzed using Cold-Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry.

MGP Remediation Support Services

Our MGP Support Team will help you analyze and prioritize your project needs, develop a plan that's tailored to your company and then implement the plan using a schedule that works best for you and accommodates your time-critical deadlines.

Mobile Lab

Pace Analytical Services mobile laboratory services are geared for the uncommon projects. Our specialty is designing mobile solutions for non-routine projects. We have the resources and expertise to outfit a mobile laboratory with instrumentation ranging from wet chemistry to GC/MS and many options in between. Organic or inorganic analyses in air, water or solids are can be targeted with flexible mobile solutions.

Microbiology Services

Microbes are active in the work place for all industrial applications; they can cause human illness, product spoilage and failure. Bacteria can also serve us in a positive form as well with treating environmental contamination and as a method for warding off harmful microbes. Monitoring microbiological activity plays an important part in our everyday lives through testing drinking water, air, food and medical products.

Mining Analytical Services

Pace supports our mining clients, consultants to the mining industry and regulatory agencies in areas of environmental analytical services including routine groundwater, surface water and NPDES discharge monitoring, overburden and topsoil analysis and bio-accumulation studies using biota analysis.

Oily Waste Extraction

Pace performs laboratory testing for carbonyls, including formaldehyde, using EPA 8315A. This method is an HPLC procedure performed on aqueous and solid sample matrices. Formaldehyde can be found in building materials, insulation, composite wood products, glues, resins, paints, household cleaning products, fertilizers, and pesticides. For aqueous and solid samples, these compounds are regulated under TSCA, RCRA, and Clean Water Act.

PCB Analysis

Pace Analytical has experience with several methodologies for both total PCB Aroclor and PCB Congener Specific analysis. Historically, PCB Aroclor analysis is the most commonly and widely used methodology for the testing of PCB. However, with the improvement of laboratory techniques over the past 65 years and the introduction of environmental toxicology, investigators/regulators are looking closer at individual congeners.

PFAS Testing and Analysis

With decades of experience in persistent organic pollutant testing, Pace was one of the first commercial laboratories to analyze for PFAS compounds.  Today, Pace has the capabilities to analyze for over 5000 compounds categorized as PFAS through our in-house national network of labs or on-site via PFAST®, the only certified PFAS mobile lab service in the industry.

Radiochemical Analysis

Pace Analytical Services began providing radiochemistry testing in 2002 with the acquisition of the radiochemistry laboratory located at Westinghouse Center for Nuclear Excellence in Waltz Mill, Pennsylvania. Since that time, Pace Analytical has significantly expanded its laboratory scope of services and accreditations and has moved into its new 18,000 sq.

Reduced Volume Technology

Pace will provide (2)-100ml or (2)-40ml unpreserved bottles for each sample location (if MS/MSD samples are required, two extra bottles will also be provided). All containers should be completely filled, but unlike VOC analysis, zero headspace is not a sampling consideration.

Stack Emissions Testing/Ambient Air

The needs for Stack Emissions Testing are changing, quickly and drastically. Industries from non-metallic mineral processors to synthetic organic chemical manufacturers and from clean fuel boilers to hazardous waste incinerators are experiencing new or revamped environmental regulations.

USP 797 Laboratory Services

Pace Analytical® Aerobiology offers USP 797 services designed for healthcare institutions, pharmacies and other related facilities to ensure the sterilization of drugs that are used in compounding sterile preparations. The environmental monitoring and the microbial evaluation of the staff’s sterile techniques in compounding sterile preparations (CSPs) are critical to patient care.

Vapor Intrusion Testing

Vapors from solvents and other industrial chemical in contaminated soil have been identified in nearby residential, retail or industrial structures. Testing the soil directly adjacent to the structures can be used in assessing hazards to structure occupants.

Waste Delisting Services

Pace is the environmental laboratory testing leader in supporting successful hazardous waste delisting projects. Our experience includes the support of many manufacturing plants in the United States for successful completion of hazardous waste delisting.

Water Quality Analysis

Pace Analytical® Aerobiology provides comprehensive water testing services for the detection of waterborne pathogens. Our experienced staff can assist in developing a comprehensive water testing program.

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