Emergency Response

Pace Analytical Rapid Response Team


  • Emergency Analytical Testing Support
  • Courier Pickup and Delivery
  • Expedited Overnight Services — 24/7

When disaster strikes – be it a major fire, a train derailment, an oil spill or a pipeline rupture – and materials of environmental concern are released to the environment, Pace Analytical’s Rapid Response Team (PRRT) & emergency environmental services are available to discuss urgent environmental options and to implement a testing solution. PRRT responders are available 24-7 to ensure that sample containers are available, samples are collected appropriately, critical samples are expedited to the nearest laboratory, and rapid results are provided to decision-makers on the scene. This level of lab support is crucial in making decisions that impact the safety of emergency personnel on site and the potential exposure of local residents to hazardous chemicals.

Pace is your one-stop resource for environmental emergency response services and testing. Pace can perform your analytical testing at one of our dozens of local environmental labs across the country, or at our Pace National location, which is one of the largest environmental testing laboratories in the United States. From small contained spills to significant incidents, Pace can provide support for initial response, sample and material management, data use evaluation, and specialty analytical services.

  • Immediate technical support for planning and logistics – call 1-877-859-7778 to be connected to environmental professionals technically trained in rapid response situations.
  • A national network of laboratories, technical support, couriers, and service centers to support your needs.
  • Expedited shipment services (Couriers and Pace corporate aircraft available)
  • 24/7 laboratory staffing and data reporting
  • On-site technical support and sample logistics
  • Rapid laboratory results to support tactical decisions
  • Quality data at all times to ensure defensibility; litigation support
  • Automated, online, easy to use data management tools

The PRRT has extensive experience in a wide range of environmental disaster assistance including:

  • Derailments
  • Fires
  • Oil Well Fires
  • Pipeline breaks
  • Industrial chemical spills or leaks
  • Hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters

Whether your firm requires on-site analysis and sample management or just assistance in establishing emergency sample kits and response protocols, Pace’s Rapid Response Program can be tailored to provide immediate support in the event of an environmental incident.

P: 877-859-7778 | E: rapidresponse@pacelabs.com