Sample Collection Services: Providing Field Sampling and Monitoring Services

Scheduling a stormwater sampling event can be challenging. It is difficult to predict when precipitation will provide significant stormwater flow, so timing and preparation are foremost in capturing a representative outfall sample.

Pace Analytical’s Field Services Division maintains a highly qualified staff of water quality testing professionals with many years of industry experience. Our professionals are well-versed in their disciplines and are dedicated to supporting our clients’ needs for timely, high quality, environmental information and support.

We provide dedicated water sampling and testing equipment — specially selected and maintained for the rigors of field use. Pace Analytical uses its partnership with the client to devise the optimum testing protocol and to keep routine periodic monitoring needs on-track and up-to-date. We use modern, automated sampling and monitoring equipment to provide representative and accurate water quality data.

  • Manual Option: We will provide manual sampling equipment, training and a sample collection kit which includes sample containers, labels and sample submission form. This option should be considered when the facility has dedicated staff to complete sample collection process.
  • Semi-Automated Option: This option would require facility staff to activate a pump system when stormwater conditions warrant sample collection. The pump system would operate under battery power or by an electrical connection near the source. This system is simple. It should be considered when the facility is continuously staffed and when available personnel do not have knowledge or time to complete the sample collection process.
  • Complete Automated Option: This option will allow for unattended sample collection using an automatic monitoring system. Significant water flow at the source would activate the system when stormwater conditions warrant sample collection. This option may also include battery or solar energy to power the sample collection system when the outfall sampling point is located in a remote area (e.g., ditch, river or creek) or where power connections are not available.

The cost for each system includes outfall site review, equipment, installation, written procedure, training and sample collection kit. Samples should be recovered as soon as possible to maintain preservation and EPA hold time requirements. Sample analysis and system maintenance services are available for an additional fee. Pace Analytical also provides sample collection services for monitoring stack emissions, air quality, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, soil, sediment and waste materials.

Questions about stormwater sampling and testing services?


Are you affected by storm water regulations? Precipitation and snow melt on exposed industrial materials can have a cumulative impact on our environment. Chemical constituents or pollutants leached from these materials can enter our surface water and groundwater affecting the health of human, animal and plant life. Regulatory agencies require strict control of the pollutants through the development of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Best Management Practices (BMPs) for reducing or removing these contaminants.

Pace Analytical can simplify the task of stormwater monitoring. We can assist you with the sampling process and provide complete analytical testing services to support your permit requirements. The Pace Analytical Stormwater Service Program (PASS) will provide an easy solution to your monitoring needs. The PASS program includes the following services:

  • Activity Sector based sampling and test kits. Provide us with your Standard Industrial Code (SIC) or your permit activity sector, and we will provide a sample collection kit specific to the benchmark test parameters that are required for your sector. The kit includes sample containers, labels, preservatives, instructions and PASS specific sample submission form (COC).
  • State Certified Analysis using EPA approved methodologies. Typical stormwater parameters include — but may not be limited to — the following: Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD) Fluoride, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Nitrate-Nitrite Nitrogen, Oil & Grease (O&G) Ammonia Nitrogen, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Total Cyanide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Total Phosphorus, Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) Total Metals, pH Total Hardness
  • Electronic reporting and sample receipt notification. Reports include sector benchmark values for data comparison.
  • Automatic sample kit replacement
  • Each PASS kit type has a standard cost associated with the sector requirements, so your monitoring program will be easy to budget.
  • Stormwater field sampling
  • SWPPP development: Pace Analytical works closely with many of the leading consulting firms. We can provide a recommendation for consulting services for the development of the SWPPP and BMPs.

This is a Minnesota PASS Program.