Sample Collection Services: Providing Field Sampling and Monitoring Services

Questions about stormwater sampling and testing services?

Scheduling a stormwater sampling event can be challenging. It is difficult to predict when precipitation will provide qualifying stormwater event that meets the criteria defined by the appropriate regulatory agency, so timing and preparation are foremost in capturing a representative sample.

Pace® Analytical provides a highly qualified staff of water quality testing professionals with many years of industry experience. Our professionals are experienced in their disciplines and dedicated to supporting our clients’ needs for timely, high quality environmental information, and support. With over 60 laboratories, over 40 service centers, and 27 locations that provide stormwater sampling, Pace® provides comprehensive, nationwide service.

Pace® Analytical provides dedicated water sampling and testing equipment that is specifically selected and maintained for the rigors of field use. We use our partnership with the client to devise the optimum testing protocol, and to maintain routine periodic monitoring while staying on-track and up to date. When needed, we use modern, automated sampling and monitoring equipment to provide representative and accurate water quality data.

Manual Option: We will provide manual sampling equipment for grab sampling, training, a sample collection kit which includes sample containers, labels, and a sample submission form. This option should be considered when the facility has dedicated staff to complete sample collection process.

Semi-Automated Option: This option would require facility staff to activate a portable autosampler when stormwater conditions warrant sample collection. The autosampler would operate under battery power or by an electrical connection near the source. It should be considered when the facility is continuously staffed and when available personnel do not have knowledge or time to complete the sample collection process.

Complete Automated Option: This option will allow for unattended sample collection using a portable autosampler with a flow actuator installed.  When water flow increases from a qualifying stormwater event, the actuator would signal the autosampler to start collecting samples.  This option may also include battery or solar energy to power the sample collection system when the sampling location is located in a remote area (e.g., rivers, streams, or ditches), or where power connections are not available.

The cost for each system includes site review, equipment, installation, written procedure, training, and sample collection kit. Samples should be recovered as soon as possible to maintain preservation and EPA hold time requirements. Sample analysis and system maintenance services are available for an additional fee. Pace® Analytical also provides sample collection services for monitoring stack emissions, air quality, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, soil, sediment, and waste materials.