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Pace® Analytical Services Expands Laboratory Services in the Northeast with 39 Locations

With recent acquisition of Alpha Analytical, customers in the region have more access than ever to routine and specialty testing services for harmful contaminants like PFAS

MINNEAPOLIS (April 26, 2023) – Pace® Analytical Services, the preferred provider of regulatory testing and analytical laboratory services, recently added capacity for environmental testing in the Northeast U.S. with the acquisition of Alpha Analytical.

“Pace® is always working to bring customers the information they rely on with greater speed and reliability. With multiple locations across the Northeast, access to the full range of Pace® and Alpha Analytical expertise is always within reach for our customers in the region,” said Pace® Analytical Services President, Greg Whitman. “Pace® customers are working daily to protect our communities from harmful contaminants in the air, water, soil, and more. In our business, increased accessibility means greater convenience and faster service for customers.”

Pace® provides environmental testing and analytical laboratory services to consulting firms, government agencies, manufacturers, and others in support of regulatory compliance requirements, site assessments, remediation, product testing, environmental disasters, waste management, and more. Pace® is a leader in specialty testing for harmful contaminants including PFAS and Dioxin and employs teams of experts who deeply understand the changing regulatory landscape and appropriate test methods. The acquisition of Alpha Analytical also allowed to Pace® to expand its forensics and sediment testing services.

Alpha Analytical chose to join the Pace® nationwide laboratory network in an exclusive offering reflecting the close relationship, mutual respect, and shared values between the two companies. The acquisition adds the full range of Alpha Analytical laboratory services, including 2 environmental laboratories and 11 service centers to the Pace® laboratory network. The company offers the largest laboratory capacity in the Northeast with 39 locations.

Pace® is a portfolio company of Leonard Green & Partners and Los Angeles-based Aurora Capital Partners.

About Pace®
Pace® makes the world a safer, healthier place. For decades, Pace® people have been committed to advancing the science of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in our Life Sciences laboratories and supporting businesses, industries, consulting firms, government agencies, and more through our Analytical Services laboratories. Pace® offers local–level service backed by a national laboratory network. For customers with in– house labs, Pace® provides a range of professional services to keep their operations moving forward. Pace® people work in partnership with customers by providing the service, science, and the data they need to make critical decisions that benefit us all.