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Pace® Analytical Services Expands Laboratory Service Capabilities Across the Country

Recent acquisition of Alpha Analytical provides Pace® customers access to new specialty testing services for harmful contaminants in the environment.

MINNEAPOLIS (August 30, 2023) – Pace® Analytical Services, the preferred provider of regulatory testing and analytical laboratory services, recently added new capabilities including advanced hydrocarbon analytical support and expanded sediment and tissue testing with the acquisition of Alpha Analytical.

The addition of hydrocarbon forensics analytical support to the Pace® Analytical Services testing suite is a welcomed addition to the company. Hydrocarbons are organic compounds composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms and are most commonly found in gasoline, diesel fuels, lubricants, and petroleum-based products. Using these advanced methods, Pace® can analyze water, soil and tissue samples impacted by contamination from these products. Using the data generated by Pace®, clients can then interpret the results, gathering evidence for the origin or severity of the release of these products into the environment.

The acquisition also included additional dredging and ecological risk assessment analytical support capabilities. The analysis of sediment and tissue samples can be challenging due to the complexity of the samples and the need for low detection limits. This additional expertise allows Pace® to work on contaminated sediment, animal tissue, and vegetation samples for client projects such as contaminated land sites located on waterways where it conducts testing to determine the environmental impact on vegetation, wildlife, fish, birds, sediment and soil, and provides natural resource damage assessments.

“Pace® has made a significant step up in our ability to meet diverse customer needs and expand the breadth of services we can provide since acquiring Alpha Analytical. Plus, with the added laboratory locations, our capacity to carry out customer requests has significantly increased,” said Pace® Analytical Services President, Greg Whitman. “As our scientists work around the clock to assist customers in safeguarding the environment and our communities from harmful contaminants, Pace® is working behind the scenes to expand our capabilities and evolve as a company.”

Pace®, a leader in specialty testing for harmful contaminants, provides environmental testing and analytical laboratory services to consulting firms, government agencies, manufacturers, and others in support of regulatory compliance requirements, site assessments, remediation, product testing, environmental disasters, waste management, and more.

Alpha Analytical chose to join the Pace® nationwide laboratory network in an exclusive offering reflecting the close relationship, mutual respect, and shared values between the two companies. The acquisition added the full range of Alpha Analytical laboratory services, including two environmental laboratories and 11 service centers to the Pace® laboratory network and added expanded capabilities
including hydrocarbon forensics analytical support and sediment and tissue testing.

Pace® is a portfolio company of Leonard Green & Partners and Los Angeles-based Aurora Capital Partners.

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