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Two decades of pharmaceutical development and customer service leads to exciting milestone

Woburn, MA: Wolfe Laboratories, a subsidiary of Pace Analytical Life Sciences, has reached a special milestone as it celebrates 20 years as a premier contract research organization that provides integrated drug development solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Founded in 1999 by Senior Vice President Janet Wolfe, Wolfe Laboratories has been recognized by global and virtual biopharmaceutical companies as a science-driven organization whose mission is to provide outstanding pharmaceutical development services tailored to its clients’ needs. “It has been a privilege to work with remarkably talented colleagues and clients over the past twenty years,” remarked Wolfe. “Our team of expert scientists is an integral part of the biopharmaceutical ecosystem and will continue to contribute to the development of novel therapeutics to improve patients’ lives.”

The company was acquired by Pace Analytical Services in 2017 to join the growing network of laboratories in the Pace Analytical Life Sciences division. This addition allows Pace to offer premier contract research organization (CRO) services to the pharmaceutical industry and expand the range of services available from Pace Analytical to bridge clinical development through GMP commercial manufacturing. The collaboration allows Pace and Wolfe to provide outstanding pharmaceutical development and central laboratory testing services, nationally and globally.

Wolfe Laboratories’ vision has been to improve human health, and it continues to strive toward that goal by embracing the core values of integrity, excellence and teamwork. The company has a high percentage of repeat clients, which is a testament to its long-term commitment of continual investment in its capabilities to meet biopharma's growing demand for high quality, integrated pharmaceutical development services.

Pace Analytical Life Sciences Chief Operating Officer Greg Kupp reflected on the subsidiary’s 20th anniversary by stating, “Wolfe Laboratories has achieved this milestone through the vision of hard work, dedication of their staff and the customer service culture existing throughout the entire Pace Analytical organization. We are looking forward to seeing what another 20 years will bring.”

About Pace Analytical Life Sciences

Pace Analytical Life Sciences is a network of full-service contract CMC development and GMP analytical testing laboratories. CMC development, chemistry and microbiology central lab testing services are provided to the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Combination Product manufacturing industries. Our investment in state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained personnel emphasizes our commitment to delivering positive customer experiences across all channels of our business. We are dedicated to providing not only the best in analytical testing services, but also the most reliable. We are well-equipped to handle almost any project regardless of scope or complexity. Founded in 2006, Pace Analytical operates FDA-registered laboratory testing facilities in Oakdale, Minnesota, San German, Puerto Rico, Woburn, Massachusetts, and Somerset, New Jersey. Pace Analytical Services is the largest, American owned environmental testing company in the United States, based in Minneapolis, MN.

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