Forensics Primer

An Introduction to Environmental Forensic Geochemistry

  1. Table of Contents (detailed)
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Introduction to Environmental Forensics
  4. The Origin and Chemistry of Petroleum
  5. Identifying Hydrocarbons
  6. Principles of estimating the date of a Hydrocarbon Fuel Release
  7. Appendix

Acknowledgement: A large part of the Forensics Primer is based on an article published by I. R. Kaplan et al. of Global Geochemistry Corporation (formerly a division of DPRA-ZymaX Forensics, now a part of Pace Analytical Energy Services). The article is reprinted with permission from from Elsevier Science:

Organic Geochemistry: Vol 27, No 5/6, pp. 289-317, 1997, Isaac R. Kaplan, Yakov Galperin, Shan-Tan Lu, and Ru-Po Lee: "Forensic Environmental Geochemistry: differentiation of fuel-types, their sources and release time."

Please see the Organic Geochemistry Home Page (for the online version of the original article) and the ScienceDirect Home Page of Elsevier Science.

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