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The Madisonville, KY laboratory provides full analytical services, field sampling as well as specialty analyses with regional coverage for Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Alabama. The lab maintains numerous accreditations for the analysis of drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, soil, and hazardous waste.

Sales Contacts: 
Brad Coyle 
Brett Davis

Major Instrumentation List: 

  • 2 ICP/MS
  • 2 ICPs
  • 2 low-level mercury analyzers
  •  4 Ion Chromatographs
  • 4 SPE-DEX Oil and Grease Analyzers
  • 2 AquaKem Analyzers
  • 1 LC/MS
  • 2 TOC Analyzers
  •  1 autotitrator
  • 1 Automatic TKN analyzer
  •  8 Gas Chromatopraphs
  • 7 GC/MS
  • 5 HPLCs

Location Details: 

  • Market Segments Served- SDWA, CWA, and RCRA compliance analytical testing. ISO17025 certified for a variety of microbiological and chemical analysis
  • Geography Served- Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Alabama
  • Hemp cannabanoid and terpene profiling