Regulatory Data Management

Are your regulatory personnel burdened by the amount of data required to launch products into the global market?

Compliance with complex regulations can be much easier when you know you have all of the information you need at your fingertips. While it may sound simple, gathering complete and correct information, keeping it up to date and organizing it in a way that is useful is a large undertaking.

The Pace Analytical Regulatory Data Management (RDM) team is comprised of individuals who specialize in the collection and management of regulatory data. Our team has experience with contacting suppliers for regulatory data, maintaining supplier relationships and compiling data per customer specifications. Technical relationships with hundreds of suppliers worldwide make data collection easier and more efficient. Regulatory data received from suppliers is thoroughly evaluated and RDM team operates under an ISO 9001.2015 quality system, you can rest assured that your data is of the highest quality.

Information collected by Regulatory Data Management team includes, but not limited, to:

  • Composition information
  • International Chemical Inventories (TSCA, CDSL/CNDSL, etc.)
  • REACH Compliance
  • State, federal, and international regulations (California Proposition 65, RCRA, WEEE/RoHS Compliance, etc.)
  • Toxicological and biological information
  • Exposure limits and controls
  • MSDS/SDS, Regulatory Questionnaires, TDS/PDS, etc.

Our streamlined approach to collecting vital regulatory data and organizing it in a useful way can be tremendous time and cost savings for your company.

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