Green Label Consulting

Market research has shown that even in a down economy, consumers continue to support products and services that demonstrate environmental sustainability and social responsibility and are looking for certification programs and labels that validate environmental credentials.

Because demand is increasing, Pace Analytical has a full range of consulting services to assist clients who wish to have their products certified or support environmental claims. Our team can:

  • Review product information and screen for compliance with certification criteria
  • Assist clients with the registration of their products
  • Collect and evaluate data that may be required
  • Recommend appropriate testing to fill data gaps
  • Complete human health and environmental hazard and risk profiles
  • Stay ahead of the curve to be able to answer questions for clients that are relevant and current

Pace has extensive experience with several environmental certification programs such as:

  • Green Seal TM
  • Ecologo CM
  • Consumer Reports®, Greener Choices SM
  • EPA DfE program

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our quality program ensures consistency and accuracy of all processes managed by Pace. Under the spirit of ISO, our system includes the adherence to standard operating procedures, tracking of performance metrics, customer feedback systems, corrective action plans, internal and external audits, and an extensive training program.

Request more information to see how Pace Analytical can help your organization with environmental marketing claims and environmental certification programs.

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