Computer Modeling

Cost-effective investment decision making tool

Deciding whether to make an investment to formulate, test, synthesize, scale-up, and/or manufacture a new product depends on having reliable information on emerging materials, chemistries obtained through acquisition, or re-introduced legacy materials.

Computer modeling is a cost-effective way to predict reliable data for physicochemical properties, and environmental fate and effects.

Regulatory Compliance

With continued concern over toxicity testing in animals, and also over the lack of hazard data for many substances in commerce, there is an increasing trend for regulatory authorities to allow estimated data to be used for registration or regulatory compliance.

The potential to understand both the power and limitations of environmental models and quantitative assessment techniques has never been greater. Pace has a wide range of computer modeling expertise at many levels, such as quantum mechanics calculation, physical-chemical property prediction, biodegradation prediction, bioaccumulation prediction, ecotoxicity prediction, and environmental exposure modeling.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our quality program ensures consistency and accuracy of all processes managed by Pace. Under the spirit of ISO, our system includes the adherence to standard operating procedures, tracking of performance metrics, customer feedback systems, corrective action plans, internal and external audits, and an extensive training program.

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