Business Process Outsourcing

Pace Analytical can efficiently perform a routine function while allowing your staff to focus on core business activities.

Business Process Outsourcing has been a very successful solution for clients who want to outsource a routine regulatory function instead of burdening their current staff. This allows our clients to focus their staff on core regulatory activities while still having their routine functions accurately and efficiently completed by professionals. Pace Analytical has both the ability to understand your regulatory needs as well as manage the process.

Depending on your need, work may be performed onsite at your location or offsite at our Minneapolis location.

The keys to success with this program are:

  1. ISO Certification - ISO Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are developed specifically for each client process. This ensures a formal procedure for quality and consistency.
  2. Performance Metrics - Pace provides our clients with performance metrics to measure clearly-defined deliverables. Efficiency and productivity are transparent to our clients.
  3. Pace Training Program - Pace has developed a highly sophisticated regulatory training program. Although people with varying levels of previous regulatory experience join the Pace team, all regulatory employees have the scientific and chemistry education necessary to be successful in the regulatory field and to fully understand the information they are working with.

Our outsourced regulatory activities typically center around Pace’s Supply Chain Regulatory Data Management program. This includes the collection, validation and organization of raw material data as well as the integration of regulatory data due to acquisitions. This program is very successful for our proactive clients who realize the importance of having complete, validated raw material regulatory information organized within their system for downstream regulatory activities.

Please see our Case Study on Supply Chain Regulatory Data Management (RDM) for an example.

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